Bodywel unveils F20 and M275 and T16 Series ebikes

Bodywel unveils F20 and M275 and T16 Series ebikes

Bodywel, a leading electric bike brand in revolutionizing urban commuting has launched its highly anticipated e-bikes, including 3 series – mountain ebikes, fat tire ebikes and mini ebikes. The new models are now on sale.

Bodywel F20 Series: Conquer Winter Terrains

As winter approaches and the weather turns colder, Bodywel offers 3 models of Fat Tyre Electric Bikes, including F20F20 SE and F20 Pro.

This series boasts wide tires that provide superior traction and stability on snowy, slushy, or muddy surfaces. They’re equipped with hydraulic brakes, powerful motors, and dependable batteries. F20 Pro features a Bafang motor, making it effortlessly conquering any terrain.

F20 Series is foldable, offering portability for trips or public transport. Even as winter fades away, its adaptability to a variety of riding environments continues to make them one of the best ways to get around.

Bodywel M275 Series: Stay Warm, Stay Active

For mountain enthusiasts, Bodywel presents the EMTB series – Bodywel M275 Mountain Ebike with 27.5-inch wheels.

Bodywel M275 is crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy that offers strength without excessive weight, this results in agile and energy-efficient rides. With a 36V15.6A battery allowing to ride up to 120km on a single charge and robust 250W motor providing assistance, long winter rides and uphill climbs become effortless while riders experience the fun of cycling.

Whether a beginner or an experienced rider can conquer peaks and savor the beauty of nature without worrying about stamina. 

Bodywel T16 SeriesThe Epitome of Portability

For those seeking a compact and efficient ebike, they provide T16 Mini Electric Bike. It’s perfect for city commuting and storage. Moreover, it comes at a more budget-friendly price.

Bodywel T16 values portability without compromising on performance. This series features 16-inch wheels, 36V10.4A battery, mechanical brakes, 250W motor and effortless handling, well-suited for sunny winter days. The semi-foldable design makes it convenient for carrying on outings.

Adventure awaits, and it starts with this new series. Don’t hesitate to discover a new way to ride in winter and the joy of electric-assisted biking from their official website Explore more riding experiences on Youtube. And contact us by official email address [email protected].

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