Taiwan's CHC pedals biking accessibility forward - by hand

Taiwan’s CHC pedals biking accessibility forward – by hand

To advance inclusivity and accessibility, the Taiwan-based Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) held an event on November 11 in Taichung, Taiwan, celebrating the upcoming International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 and showcasing their innovative and newly launched Handcycle 2.0.

For many people, the action of riding a bicycle presents no difficulty and is a regular part of daily life. However, for disabled people — who represent approximately 15% of the world’s population — riding a bicycle may be a dream that they believe is just out of reach. To make the enjoyment of biking and the outdoors more accessible, CHC developed and designed its Handcycle ten years ago, enabling people of all abilities to experience the feeling of cycling by using their hands to pedal. In the latest designs, CHC also equipped the Handcycle with electric power to further enhance the experience.

Demonstrating the possibilities for access to outdoor enjoyment

The event provided attendees with the opportunity to try out the Handcycle for themselves, showing both people with disabilities and the elderly how they can enjoy the outdoors on a bike ride.

“We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the freedom and empowerment of cycling outdoors,” shared Mr. Johnson Wu, General Manager of CHC. “Through this event, we hope to inspire greater awareness and concern for accessibility issues worldwide while advancing our vision of making Taiwan into a model for the world — as a ‘Bicycle Island’ for everyone.”

The event also garnered attention with the presence of high-profile public officials, underlining the importance of accessibility, inclusion and ESG for CHC, the Taichung area, and Taiwan overall.

Cutting-edge, accessible biking with Handcycle 2.0

During the event, CHC also presented its newly launched model — Handcycle 2.0. This next-generation model features significant upgrades, including a reinforced structure; advanced dual power system; smart IoT capabilities, such as real-time vehicle monitoring and innovative human-machine interface; proximity alerts to both vehicles and objects for enhanced safety; and the ability to monitor vital signs, including heart rate, as needed.

In addition, CHC is launching a convenient rental platform, allowing users to rent from one vendor’s location and return to another, complete with data collection for services like real-time vehicle location and maintenance reminders.

“We are thrilled to provide the new Handcycle 2.0, which brings riders enhanced electric power, smart capabilities, safety, and access,” added Mr. Wu. “To become a truly accessible world, we hope that in the future, cities all over the world will equip each bike rental station with inclusive, modern options like Handcycle 2.0.”

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