Kriss Kyle performs during Through The Grapevines in Lavaux, Switzerland. // Jan Cadosch / Red Bull Content Pool //

BMX Ace Kriss Kyle breaks new ground

In an unprecedented world premiere, renowned BMX athlete Kriss Kyle has become the first person to ride through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux vineyards.

This unique feat, accomplished in late 2023, showcases Kyle’s exceptional talent and creativity, bringing a new dimension to the scenic beauty of Lavaux.

Supported by Prada Linea Rossa, Kyle switched his BMX for a mountain bike, pushing the boundaries of off-road riding and exploring cutting-edge textiles in his gear.

The result is the visual action clip ‘Kriss Kyle – Through The Grapevines,’ with a behind-the-scenes documentary featured on Red Bull TV.

The 32-year-old Scotsman, known for his daring tricks and innovative riding style, was given the unique opportunity to craft a dream line through the picturesque landscape of Lavaux.

Kyle’s trail through Lavaux was nothing short of spectacular, integrating castle walls, dirt jumps, wall rides, rails, and even a passing express train. One of the highlights was an open loop performed in the narrow alley of Saint-Saphorin, a testament to Kyle’s skill and the meticulous planning that went into the project.

The creation process involved extensive consultations with local authorities and landowners, with a dedicated construction crew working 12-hour days for two weeks to bring Kyle’s vision to life. The culmination of this effort is a 4-minute film that captures the thrill of BMX riding and the serene beauty of Lavaux.

For Kyle, this experience was transformative. “This is probably the most beautiful place in the world I’ve ever been,” he shared, expressing deep appreciation for the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage rooted in viticulture.

Kriss Kyle’s journey through Lavaux was made possible by the generosity of local winemakers, who befriended the athlete and welcomed the project with open arms.

“What inspires me is the sheer passion that everyone here has for wine. It was incredible to get to know the people behind this world-class wine. They pour their heart and soul into it, and it pays off.”

He continued: “I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to bike in this special UNESCO World Heritage site, all thanks to the generous local winemakers. The beauty of Lavaux is conserved so well, and I am happy to see that everybody is keeping it that way.”

Having honed his skills as a BMX specialist, Kyle has now ventured into the world of mountain biking, eagerly embracing its unique terrain. His ride through the Lavaux vineyards is a demonstration of his adaptability and prowess in this new discipline. Reflecting on his transition, Kyle remarked: “Mountain biking still feels new to me, and I learn something new every time. But I love new challenges.”

This venture adds to Kyle’s impressive portfolio of projects, which includes performing tricks on a BMX bowl under a hot air balloon at an altitude of 600 metres and jumping from a helicopter onto the helipad of the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, despite his fear of heights.

Prada Linea Rossa supported Kriss Kyle with functional clothing for the project, continuing the collaboration with various athletes on their extraordinary projects. Prada Linea Rossa focuses on breathability, lightness and robustness and is heat-sealed as opposed to stitched to ensure freedom of movement.

“It was a dream come true getting to work with Prada on this project. It’s a brand that I’ve looked up to for many years. I never thought riding my bike would lead me onto designing my own Prada trousers,’ Kriss enthuses.

As hand-picked as Kriss Kyle’s obstacles and lines in Lavaux were, you’ll find just as much personality in the title song of the clip. Kriss himself chose it. Not only is he a big fan of the British band but he is also friends with drummer Jack Bevan. “The fact that we were able to accompany the clip with this masterpiece of a song means a lot to me. It has a lot of power, which is a great contrast to the beauty of this unique landscape.”

With ‘Kriss Kyle – Through The Grapevines,’ Kyle has once again captivated both the biking community and nature enthusiasts alike, demonstrating that the fusion of sport and natural beauty can create unforgettable experiences.

Watch ‘Kriss Kyle – Through The Grapevines’ HERE and the behind-the-scenes documentary HERE.

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