Discover the Turkish Riviera by bicycle

Discover the Turkish Riviera by bicycle

The Turkish Riviera is known for being a sun, sand, sea holiday destination. However the best way to explore the one of the world’s most enchanting geographies, mountain roads, turquoise coasts, and ancient heritage is by bicycle.

Kemer’s 13 Cycling Routes

The charming coastal town of Kemer in the Turkish Riviera’s Antalya is renowned for its fantastic climbs and unspoiled bays with turquoise waters. It has 13 cycling routes, including five road and eight mountain bike routes with different gradients and levels of difficulty. All its leisurely coastal rides and adrenaline-pumping mountain trails come with the awe-inspiring landscapes. One of the town’s most famous road bike trails is the route between Kemer and Beldibi where riders can view a fantastic cave 25 metres above the sea in Beldibi. The Kemer-Gedelme route, heading towards the Gedelme Plateau, is the ideal train route ahead of more challenging expeditions with extensive climbs in the first half of the route. The Çalıştepe-Kemer route promises high adrenaline levels, reaching 300 metres from the sea level within 4.5 kilometres. Kemer-Çukuryayla-Beycik is one of the most challenging MTB routes in Antalya but cyclists will be rewarded with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Türkiye’s own Mount Olympus

Mount Tahtalı, once known as Olympus Mountain in the ancient era, is one of the magnificent natural wonders of the Turkish Riviera. The well-known route between Kemer and the peak of Mount Tahtalı present stunning panoramic views, but they are a unique challenge for cyclists. The ride elevates to 700 metres of altitude in seven kilometres, which means a 10% slope. The route ends at the cable car station where visitors can take the cable car to Mount Tahtalı’s peak, climbing from 726 metres to 2,365 metres in 10 minutes. The extreme downhill route from there to the sea level would also give enduro and MTB cyclists an unmatched thrill.

Stunning Coastline from Antalya to Mersin

Another option for exploring the Turkish Riviera is to travel along the coastline from Antalya to Mersin. This long-distance route begins at Kaleiçi, in Antalya’s city centre, and proceeds to the ancient city of Side, Pamphylia’s most important port city. Visitors can enter Kaleiçi through the magnificent Roman-era Hadrian’s Gate, one of Antalya’s best-preserved ancient treasures. Surrounded by walls dating from various periods, Kaleiçi is known for its historic structures such as the Yivli Minaret and Karatay Madrasah. After visiting these historical sites, cyclists can ride to the marina and then to the ancient city of Side to see Ancient Theatre and the Apollo and Athena temples.

Castle on the way Alanya to Mersin

The road to Alanya winds along the coastline. Alanya, home to various civilisations throughout history, has a rich cultural heritage, including the Alanya Castle, one of the best-preserved mediaeval castles among the hundreds of Anatolia. The narrow streets are side by side with its breathtaking beaches. One of the Mediterranean’s favourite port cities, Mersin offers an endless variety of tourist attractions, including a deep blue sea and natural beaches.


Accommodation options include a diverse range of hotels and hostels with national and international eco-labels, camping and glamping areas, and bungalow resorts and bicycle-friendly hotels for cyclists. Visitors can safely park, clean, repair and maintain your bicycle while also learning about the region’s cycling routes.

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