George Ntavoutian poses for a portrait during the Full Pipe project in Trikala, Greece on April 8, 2024. Credit: Alex Grymanis / Red Bull Content Pool

Greek BMX pro Ntavoutian completes world’s largest full vertical bike loop

Greek BMX rider George Ntavoutian has made history in his native country after he completed the largest full loop in world biking history around a disused pipe in the city of Trikala that measured 7.5 metres high – as tall as a two-story building.

After starting out as a skater in his hometown of Kalamata, Ntavoutian switched up to BMX and followed in the bike tracks of his father who was one of the best around at mountain bike riding and road cycling.

His achievements to date in BMX Street, Dirt and Park include first place at the 2018 ActionHallen Shutdown Jam in Gothenburg as well as the 2021 Best Trick Award at Vans The Circle in Athens.

For this historic global project, Ntavoutian and his team found a pipe just outside of Trikala, in the Municipality of Pyli near Portaikos River, where the beauty of nature met his daring spirit.

The 25-year-old admitted: “I wanted to do something that would make history. There was no way I wouldn’t try at least. I wanted to be the first to make it!”

On the first morning of his attempt, no one knew what to expect with the production team setting up a ramp that would give a boost in his attempt but it proved too small for the bike’s speed – resulting in a steep take-off that forced him to quickly tuck in his body and injure his waist.

After rising painfully from the airbag, he said: “I was in quite a bit of pain and my expectations were pretty low because I even struggled to walk, but there was no way I was going to let it end like this.”

George emerged on the second day to see his team create a larger ramp over several hours that would give him a better chance of performing the feat.

He pedalled hard and, with incredible talent and precision, he defied gravity to complete the Full Loop and make history. He declared: “I knew inside of me that I would make it. I was so sure that I wasn’t afraid of anything; my mind and body were one. I already saw myself succeeding.”

Watch the Ntavoutian complete the world’s largest full bike loop HERE

Header image: George Ntavoutian poses for a portrait during the Full Pipe project in Trikala, Greece. Credit: Alex Grymanis / Red Bull Content Pool

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