The rise of e-bikes 3 reasons to go electric

The rise of e-bikes: 3 reasons to go electric

The popularity of e-bikes has seen a remarkable surge in recent years, according to statistics there are now approximately 300 million electric bikes users globally. 

Whether you’re a cycling novice or a keen rider, e-bikes offer multiple benefits, from environmental, cost saving and benefits to both physical and mental health. Here’s three reasons to take the leap and go electric. 

1.       Reducing your footprint 

According to research, substituting a bike or trike over a petrol vehicle just once a day reduces the average person’s carbon emissions by 67 per cent. 

If saving the planet isn’t enough to turn your head, tricycles are also a great value investment compared to other vehicles, with lower maintenance costs than cars and no need to contend with high fuel prices, users save a lot of money, spending only around 15p for 35 miles of charge. Some e-bikes even offer solar battery charging, providing users with a zero-emission method of transport. 

2.     Keeping fit and staying mobile

Electric tricycles offer all the benefits of cycling with the additional support of a third wheel, meaning users aren’t reliant upon a strong centre of gravity for stability.  Despite common conceptions, e-bikes still provide users with cardiovascular benefits, with a recent Disability & Cycling Survey revealing that cycling provides an efficient, pain-free option that allows users to travel much further and more independently than on foot. 

A tricycle is an even more stable option than bicycling and provides those who are unsure about adapting to cycling a comfortable option. This might include elderly people or those who struggle with balance, co-ordination or commuters who simply enjoy the benefits of being able to cycle safely with extra bags and luggage. E-bikes allow users to ride further for longer and improve their fitness at a pace that suits them.

3.     The perfect commute 

An electric bicycle can create a much more comfortable commute to work, providing assistance uphills, increasing your overall average speed and lowering the effort needed to travel to work. 

With many towns and cities implementing dedicated cycling lanes, skip the morning traffic and save money on fuel costs. For those wanting to invest, The Cycle to Work scheme extends to electric bikes and makes buying the bike and equipment you need tax efficient. Jorvik Tricycles, Europe’s leading manufacturer of electric tricycles has recently launched the foldable JET-E16, offering a compact and easily transportable trike that is ideal for commuting. 

Jorvik Tricycles has seen its customer base aged 25-44 grow 97% in the last six months as the demand for e-bikes grows globally and demographically.

An e-bike is estimated to be more than six times more efficient than riding a train, offering more freedom of movement without schedule restrictions and traffic congestion. 

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