4IIII Viiiiva heart rate monitor

4iiii Viiiiva heart rate monitor

The Viiiiva is so much more than a heart rate monitor. The Viiiiva can act as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge so you can broadcast your ANT+ devices to your bluetooth devices all through your Viiiiva heart rate monitor.

The Viiiiva also records every second of your workout, including data from paired ANT+ devices. If something happens to your head unit or watch the Viiiiva will keep your data safe, up to 65 hours of it.


Tap-to-pair connection lets you simply tap your iOS or Android smartphone to your Viiiiva pod to immediately connect the devices.

Display compatibility gives you the freedom to use your choice of ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible displays with Viiiiva.

The 4iiii app enables you to see your activity in real time, access upgrades through our web store, and transmit your activity data to other training apps or websites.


Activity logging means you can not only view your data in real time, but you can also save up to 65 hours of data on Viiiiva and transfer it to another device or application.

ANT+ sensor bridge lets Viiiiva collect data from other ANT+ sensors, then transfer it via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Fitness equipment pairing enables you to pair Viiiiva with cardio equipment in the gym for real-time and logged data.

Learn more about ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.


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