Bak-Rak G4 Base-Rak with 3 bike carriers

Bak-Rak G4 Base-Rak with 3 bike carriers

This bundle includes all you need to carry three bikes on your tow ball using our G4 Base-rak system.

What you get: Stainless steel base-rak G4 with a load capability of 120 kg. The mounts onto any tow ball (swan-neck, removable or flange) and is adjustable for angle of tilt. You will also get three “roof-rack” type bike racks that clamp directly onto the G4 rack. These will fit any conventional bike with a tubular down tube to clamp on.

How to use it: Mounted behind any car with a tow ball, it gives you the capability to carry three bikes.

Why you need it: With any car and, in particular, camper van, when you go away and need to carry bikes.


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