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GripGrab focus on recycled materials and riding in all weathers

GripGrab’s new AW22 product range includes the brand’s best ever gloves plus new lines to bolster the product range of all-weather cycling essentials: now you can ride all year.

GripGrab’s new AW22 product range includes the brand’s best ever gloves plus new lines to bolster the product range of all-weather cycling essentials: now you can ride all year

GripGrab has launched a new range of products for Autumn-Winter 2022. This includes the Danish brand’s best gloves ever, so you can ride all year. The five key glove models have been designed to cover every weather type and eventuality, so cyclists can get out and ride in all conditions.

The Insulator 2 will keep off the first chill of autumn. Next the Hurricane 2 – probably GripGrab’s most versatile pair of gloves – keep the wind off your hands and shrug off light ran. As the wind chill increases and the temperature drops, the Windster 2 takeover to keep riders’ hands warm on long days on the bike. When the weather turns wet, the Polaris 2 will keep your hands warm and dry. Finally, for the coldest conditions, the Nordic 2 Lobster gloves shrug off the worst of winter.

GripGrab is at its best when the weather is at its worst. Continuing its work to get more people cycling and to keep them riding all year round, these new premium gloves will help cyclists to ride all year – regardless of the conditions.

All the new premium gloves are based on their respective first-generation predecessors. In generation two, we have used customer feedback from first-generation products, which have been on the market for several years, along with the latest fabrics to take glove construction to the next level. ​Overall, the range is made of 70% recycled materials.

“At GripGrab we envision a future where every cyclist on the planet is inspired and enabled to live out their cycling potential, so our mission is to inspire cyclists to explore that cycling potential and to create products that enable them to live it out. Now, with the new range of Autumn-Winter 2022 gloves – GripGrab’s best ever – cyclists can ride all year in comfort, ready take on all conditions,” said Martin Krøyer, CEO and co-founder

In addition to premium, top end gloves, there are also the GripGrab Ride Windproof Deep Winter Lobster Gloves – with a design much the same as the Nordic 2, but different material choices allow for a lower price point.

Away from gloves, the all-new GripGrab AquaShield Waterproof Cycling Cap is yet another step towards the brand’s mission to conquer all seasons and keep you riding outside whatever the weather. The final new product is the GripGrab Alpine Merino High Cut Winter Socks – luxuriously soft warmth for your feet on long winter bike rides.

The product packaging has also been updated, with a reduction in the amount of cardboard used as much of the information has been moved online – which can be easily accessed using the QR code on each product’s tag (see below for the links)

Product evolutions

Chief among the product evolutions is the new optimised 1+1+3 finger split found on the lobster-style models – Nordic 2 and Ride Windproof. The optimised finger split gives a separation of the forefinger to allow for effective braking and shifting on both road and mountain bike levers.

These gloves also employ a soft fleecing lining – made from 100% recycled material – with an anti-odour treatment to keep the gloves fresher for longer; this also means they won’t need such frequent washing, so they will last longer and have a lower environmental impact. All part of the brand’s mission to make the world a better place with GripGrab in it than it would be without.

The range of gloves – from lightweight Spring-Autumn gloves to thermal lobsters to see you through the worst of winter – is curated to cover all autumn and winter weather eventualities, so riders can find what they need to keep them riding through all seasons.

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