Le Col Pro Lightweight Bib Shorts

Le Col Pro Lightweight Bib Shorts

For your fastest and hottest days on the bike, the Pro Lightweight Bib Shorts enhance support and build continuous ventilation into your ride.

Designed to help you go faster and further in challenging summer conditions, the Pro Lightweight Bib Shorts are all about building breathability into your ride.

Soft, lightweight fabrics deliver freedom of movement, while strategically placed perforated mesh panels on the legs allow for advanced breathability and moisture-wicking. The low-bulk, lightweight upper material further aids ventilation and works to keep you cool when the mercury is touching 30 and above.

Making use of fast wicking lightweight bib straps and an ultra-lightweight open mesh silicone free leg gripper, the secure fit of the Pro Lightweight Bibs doesn’t come with a performance or comfort penalty.

Stable in and out of the saddle and resting on our Pro Chamois for dual density comfort and shock absorption, these bib shorts deliver on the hottest days and on the toughest of mountain roads.

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