Leatt Mono Suit MTB HydraDri 5.0

Leatt wins 2023 Design and Innovation Awards

Two of Leatt’s innovative products — the Mono Suit MTB HydraDri 5.0 and the MTB 3.0 Enduro Helmet — have won prestigious Design & Innovation 2023 Awards.

Since its founding in 2013, the Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) has worked with a 30-member team of international journalists, riders and industry experts to test the most promising new products of the next season in real-world conditions to identify exceptional products and important trends in the outdoor, bike and fitness sectors. Self-styled as the “Oscars of the bike industry”, the DI.A is considered the global seal and benchmark of the world’s most exceptional products.

“The Leatt brand is known around the world for our excellence in innovation and design,” said Chief Executive Officer Sean Macdonald. “All of our products are created in-house by our design and engineering team and tested in the field by our competitive team riders. We are very proud that our exceptional products that are known for performance, protection and cutting-edge innovations are consistently recognized within the industry for the quality and care that we have built into them. Our Mono Suits are already in the market protecting riders and consumers can look forward to the official launch of the 3.0 Enduro helmet in June 2023.”

The Mono Suit MTB HydraDri 5.0 is engineered for all weather conditions. It is a unique one-piece suit designed for extreme weather and with multiple innovative and patented features to ensure extreme performance in the harshest of conditions. The ultimate three-layer, fully waterproof HydraDri MAX membrane includes Aquaguard zips, taped seams and soft-Velcro on the ankles and wrists for full protection from rain, mud or snow.

The MTB 3.0 Enduro has an innovative 3-in-1 design which is very versatile. This helmet can convert from a full-face helmet to a jet helmet and an open-face helmet. As with all Leatt helmets, the helmet incorporates patented Leatt 360-degree Turbine Technology to disperse potentially concussive forces.  It is designed with a well-ventilated lightweight polymer shell, an adjustable visor with breakaway function for rotational impact force mitigation, and in-molded impact foam for superior energy absorption.

Founder and Chairman Dr. Christopher Leatt added, “Our design and engineering teams continue to develop, test and refine a pipeline of products and technologies to meet the needs of an ever-increasing rider audience who look to our products for the ultimate in protection.”

The DI.A tests products in the real world, evaluates them in full and reaches verdicts that are founded on critical and in-depth analysis. The DI.A 2023 awards mark the eighth time that Leatt has been recognized for its design and innovation excellence, with awards in prior years for its Velocity 4.0 MTB Goggles, 4.0 Gravity Helmet, 2.0 Trail Helmet, 3.5 Neck Brace, MTB 5.0 Composite Helmet, and MTB Enduro Lite WP 2.0.

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