Muc-off Stealth tubeless tag holder

Muc-Off’s new Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder security solution

Keep bike thieves guessing with Muc-Off’s latest super-stealthy security solution: The Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder.

Is there a more stealth way of installing an Apple AirTag to your bike? Stashed inside your tubeless-ready tyre and rim, your AirTag will be completely hidden from prying eyes. In the event of a theft, you’ll be able to track down your bike without the perp having any idea that you know exactly where it is!

Designed for rims 38mm and wider, the holder is fully compatible with our Tubeless Valves, and your Apple AirTag is housed in an ultra-protective, 3-part silicone and rubber tubeless valve mount, which allows airflow and prevents sealant ingress.

If that wasn’t enough, Muc-Off’s team of R&D superheroes have built-in a collapsible stem, which compresses and rebounds under load during heavy impacts, to help protect the AirTag and your rim from damage.

The Tubeless Tag Holder is the ultimate security partner for any MTB and Gravel riders running a tubeless set up – Stash yours now!

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