Rapha EF Women's Pro Team Aero Jersey – USA

Rapha EF Women’s Pro Team Aero Jersey USA

The 2024 EF Pro Team Aero Jersey USA National Criterium Champion edition. Our fastest ever jersey, developed for years to save you seconds. A replica of the design worn by Coryn Labecki.

Key Features:

  • Our fastest ever jersey, proven at the pinnacle of bike racing
  • As worn in competition by EF Pro Cycling athletes
  • Refined construction for superior fit and functionality
  • Using Clima fabric for maximum aerodynamic gains
  • Added breathability to keep you cool in the hottest conditions
  • Low-cut collar and mesh pockets
  • Refined fit for 2024

How To Wear:

  • Mild to hot conditions : 18–32ºC / 64–90ºF
  • We recommend a short sleeve or sleeveless base layer for optimal performance
  • Fit: Engaged on-bike fit for maximum aerodynamics and zero drag. Compressive and flexible.



  • Specially designed graphics for the USA National Crit Champion
  • The fastest jersey Rapha has ever created
  • Refined sleeve design for a wider range of physiques
  • Extended zip placket to protect bib shorts from abrasion


  • 85% recycled polyester / 15% elastane


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