Rapha Women's Pro Team Lightweight Jersey

Rapha Women’s Pro Team Lightweight Jersey

The Rapha Women’s Pro Team Lightweight Jersey is made using an ultralight fabric with high-stretch construction, offering unparalleled airflow and moisture management for ultimate performance when racing and training in the heat.

Key Features:

  • Designed for your hottest rides and races
  • An ultralight fabric with high-stretch and an open-mesh construction provides unparalleled airflow and moisture management
  • The raised collar at the back of the neck shields your skin from the elements
  • Four pockets offer maximum storage with compressive fabric that keeps everything in place when fully loaded
  • Susie (wears green and rose brown) is 5’7″ and wears a size x-small
  • Sophia (wears bright peach/ultramarine) is 165cm / 5’5″ and wears a size x-small
  • Abi (wears dark navy) is 174cm / 5’8.5″ and wears a size X-Small
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