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SunGod and Tekkerz launch bold limited-edition sunglasses

Leading British performance eyewear brand SunGod has collaborated with London-based crit cycling team Tekkerz, to launch a new limited-edition model of their popular Vulcans sunglasses: the TEKKERZ Vulcanz.

Set to light up the winter months with their bold, colour-packed aesthetic ahead of the 2023 season, the sunglasses were co-created by SunGod and Tekkerz’s enigmatic founder, Alec Briggs – injecting some of the celebrated crit rider’s trademark personality into the design. 

The limited-edition model includes the industry-leading features expected of the SunGod Vulcans, such as a trailblazing 8KO Iris photochromic lens, ultralight memory polymer frame and hydrophilic earsocks and nose pads, to elevate every ride. 

Tekkerz burst onto the London grassroots cycling scene in 2018, and has since become one of the most influential teams in the UK. This year, Tekkerz has made waves in the cycling scene, with members showing their grit and pace in races across the sport, including ultra-endurance, multi-day races like Further Pyrénées. The club has also become a breeding ground for new and emerging talent. Alumni of Tekkerz include Olympian and five-time world champion Elinor Barker, Commonwealth silver medallist Jon Mould, and Team GB academy rider Noah Hobbs. 

The team has been at the forefront of growing the popularity of crit riding in London and beyond, combining style, sustainability and mischievous fun to create a cycling team and brand that’s developed a cult following. 

The bold new colourway design is inspired by Alec’s school experiences. He said: “I chose the colours based on something that would stand out, have the potential to be iconic. As for the design, I was taught to paint pour in water and oil when I was a kid as a way of relaxing and unwinding.

I found it was a good way to make sense of my thoughts after watching the paints intertwine on the page. The result always had my influence from where I poured the paint, but the end result was always a little bit of luck and making the most of what you got. I think it taught me to think positive. I decided that was how I was going to present TEKKERZ that year, with a kit design that was for anyone to interpret in their own way and ride accordingly. The SunGods are no different, another feeling on another day poured into something physical. Make of it what you will, roll with it and hope to finish your ride on a brighter note.” 

SunGod has supported Tekkerz since May 2022, with their mission to See Better embodying the ethos of both brands – with Alec’s primary aim of creating a pathway for the next generation of riders to move up through the sport, who may not otherwise have the opportunity.  

The Tekkerz Vulcanz start at £165. 

To pre-order, visit 

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