The bak-rak bike rack

The bak-rak bike rack

Our bike rack fits any standard UK 50mm tow-ball – swan-neck or flange – on any vehicle (except 4×4 with door-mounted spare wheel), and includes easy adjustment to get the bak-rak bike rack exactly vertical, so the support arms are horizontal.

It has been designed to carry up to four adult bikes or three adult bikes and two kids bikes (based on an estimated bike weight of less than 17 kg each).

The design allows for simple fitting to your vehicle and easy removal for storage in your garage, shed, or even the boot of the car. It is very compact when disassembled – the support arms can be stored inside the main vertical support – and the bike rack can be stored in the boot of your car or hung on the garage wall.

The support arms can also be fitted at a lower height to allow boxes, luggage and other items to be carried when the rak isn’t being used for bikes.  This make it a multi-purpose load carrier.

Available with an optional security fitting to deter the opportunist thief and an option light bar bracket.

It is rated at 70kg and the rak itself weighs under 8kg.

Please check the weight limit of your car before placing an order, or call the office on 0800 112 6884 if you have any questions.

Bak-Rak Ltd is based in the East Midlands and proudly uses local manufacturers for its products.


The bak-rak bike rack is easy to assemble – the only tool you need is a 19mm spanner or socket, which is used to tighten the rack to your 50mm tow ball.

The rest of the kit is assembled using the handwheels supplied.

It doesn’t take up much space when not in use but is capable of taking up to 5 bikes for a family day out.


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