The bak-rak wheel rak

The bak-rak wheel rak

The Wheel-Rak can be used as a spare wheel carrier that fits on any standard tow-ball. Tilts for entry to boot.

The Wheel-Rak fits any normal size of wheel from minis to mobile homes.

Ideal for modern cars with no spare or gas conversions with no wheel well.

Folds down into itself so easy to store in the boot. Adjusts for any size of wheel (up to 245 tread width).

NOTE This version has two positions for the wheel mounting which IS SUITABLE for towing.

The wheel rak can be used with a Swan Neck towball.  In this configuration it is not possible to use the towball for towing – as the towball is being used to support the wheel-rak!

Towing with a wheelrak is possible (with this rak) if you have a flange fit (two bolt) towbar not a swan-neck. You will also need the flange-fit adapter.

Weighs 8Kg.


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