Tomas Slavik performs during the Red Bull Cerro Abajo Video Stunt in Genova, Italy on May 16, 2024 // Gabriele Seghizzi / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202406040269 // Usage for editorial use only //

Tomáš Slavík showcases Genoa in Red Bull Cerro Abajo preview

For the first time, the world’s most extreme urban downhill race, Red Bull Cerro Abajo, is coming to Europe, with Genoa, Italy, set to host the event from October 18 to 20.

Legendary rider Tomáš Slavík, a three-time champion in Valparaíso, Chile, has released a stunning video preview of the Cerro Abajo Genoa course, set to Antonio Vivaldi’s music, highlighting the city’s breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain.

This event, renowned for its intense courses and spectacular stunts, will see the top 30 global riders compete in the finals on October 20, promising an unforgettable experience as Genoa’s narrow alleys and steep streets provide the perfect backdrop for this spectacular urban downhill race.

In a historic first, the world’s most extreme urban downhill race, Red Bull Cerro Abajo, will make its European debut in Genoa, Italy, from October 18 to 20. For the last 20 years, Red Bull Cerro Abajo has been the most spectacular and extreme urban downhill race in the world with the best global riders challenging each other in a trial that pushes the boundaries of their talent featuring incredible jumps and stunts throughout.

Red Bull Cerro Abajo has been a staple in South America, with legendary races in cities like Valparaíso, Chile, and Guanajuato, Mexico. These events are known for their challenging courses, which see riders navigating steep descents, narrow alleys, and massive jumps. The 2024 series kicked off in Valparaíso and Guanajuato, and now, Genoa will host the grand finale, marking a significant expansion of the event.

Three-time Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo champion, Tomáš Slavík, will lead the charge. Slavík, renowned for his incredible skill and daring, has released a breathtaking video preview of the Genoa course. Set to the notes of Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, this video captures Genoa’s stunning landscape and provides a glimpse into the intense challenge that awaits competitors.

Genoa’s urban landscape, characterized by its narrow “creuze” and “caruggi” (alleys), provides a perfect setting for the race. Riders will descend from the city’s mountainous regions to the coast, maneuvering through tight lanes and custom-built obstacles. Slavík’s video offers a preview of these pathways, highlighting both the city’s architectural beauty and the course’s thrilling descent.

There is a connection between ‘La Superba’ and Red Bull Cerro Abajo through the Chilean city of Valparaíso – the event’s birthplace – which is known as the “Pacific Genoa” due to its urban architecture and Genoese people who moved there in the 20th century seeking their fortune.

Slavík, 37, said: “Red Bull Cerro Abajo has a long history and, for all riders, it means self-testing at the highest level of urban downhill. It’s the most important title you can win. Since I arrived in Genoa, and especially while getting to the higher part of the track, it felt like I was in Valparaíso: the inclination and the width of the streets are very similar. The goal for all of us will be to win. I’m used to racing in South America against local athletes, but this time we’ll be in Europe, and I feel like I’m playing at home. Let’s see how the South American riders will race.”

The qualifiers will take place on Saturday, October 19, and the Finals on Sunday, October 20 with fans able to witness the top 30 riders in the world racing at high speeds down the twists and turns of the 2km track.

Genoa will be the final stage of the classic three stages of Red Bull Cerro Abajo in 2024 after March saw Brazilian Lucas Borba win in Valparaíso and Colombian Juanfer Vélez in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Header image: Tomas Slavik performs during the Red Bull Cerro Abajo Video Stunt in Genova, Italy on May 16, 2024. Credit: Gabriele Seghizzi / Red Bull Content Pool

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