adidas reveals Velocade

adidas introduces Velocade; a new indoor cycling shoe that combines the performance of a two-bolt cleat cycling shoe with the looks and versatility of a street shoe.

Velocade has been created for athletes who live on the move; enabling them to switch seamlessly between their workout, commute, professional and social lives without needing to switch footwear.

Designed to look and perform just as well on or off the bike, Velocade is built for the modern athlete whose workout is a non-negotiable part of their schedule.

By combining the support and technology of an indoor cycling shoe, with the walkability and silhouette of a street shoe, Velocade helps athletes to move seamlessly through their schedule, and the world around them, without having to worry about carrying multiple pairs of shoes.

The versatility of the shoe is made possible by a combination of a ‘hidden’ two-bolt cleat system and an EVA midsole that makes the shoes easy to move around in when off the bike. Velocade also features a nylon midsole plate that provides the stiffness needed for cycling performance. In a first for adidas cycling shoes, the plate has been adapted to cover the front two-thirds of the sole, providing stiffness for cycling movements while also allowing for flexibility and less slippage at the heel when walking.

The versatility of the two-bolt cleat means that athletes can use Velocade both for their high intensity indoor cycling workouts and for the cycle to and from their workout.

“Velocade is our answer to two of the most common barriers athletes face when trying to fit in a high-quality workout: time and equipment” says Ben Herath, VP Design, adidas Specialist Sports. “The ‘hidden’ two-bolt cleat means no more awkward and noisy walks between the changing room, bike and smoothie bar and no waiting to change footwear.

“Whether its high intensity workouts in the gym or your home, commuting, or going on adventures in new places, we are passionate about helping more people to clip in to the power of cycling. With Velocade we have focussed on delivering this for the indoor cycling enthusiast – helping them to maximise not just their workouts but how they move through their whole routine.”

Velocade provides comfort for the athlete on the move with a lightweight design that weighs just 230g per shoe. The upper is made from a breathable mesh material and the adjustable zig-zag velcro fastening was tested and adapted from the adidas Indoor Cycling Shoe; allowing for quick adjustability to different foot shapes.

Velocade is the latest addition to the adidas Cycling range, which aims to support cyclists of all levels to clip in and experience the power of cycling through versatile, accessible cycling apparel and footwear.

Velocade is available in Crystal Jade, Carbon Black and Grey White colourways for €150 at

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