Eike König reimagines custom VanMoof e-bikes

Berlin-based artist Eike König reimagines custom VanMoof e-bikes

During the ‘Pitstop: Pleasure’ pop-up at The Ground Festival in Berlin, graphic designer Eike König hand painted limited-edition e-bikes that evoked the pleasures of Berlin.

König hand-painted VanMoof e-bikes live at The Ground Festival, at Messe Berlin. The bikes featured his recognisable bold graphics, while the art explored the pure joy you experience when riding around the city on a VanMoof.

Pitstop: Pleasure 

Known as the hedonistic capital of Europe, it’s no wonder that the city of Berlin and VanMoof’s e-bikes are a perfect match. König’s creative work in collaboration with VanMoof hones in on this connection, depicting the bike as the tool to unlock the real pleasures of the city. His designs bring to life what it means to be at one with the city in a way that can only be experienced while riding a bike. 

Eike König is a world-renowned graphic designer, founder, and creative director of the Berlin creative collective, HORT. In his works, he explores complex themes such as gentrification, globalization, and consumption by reducing them to buzzwords that are open to interpretation and invite discussion. 

But how does Eike feel when he’s riding?

“When I’m riding my VanMoof, I feel uniquely connected to my city. It’s the smells, the sounds, the people that make Berlin and give it character. Only when you’re riding do you truly get that. I’m excited that more and more Berliners are trading four wheels for two,” said Eike König.

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