Boost, boosted – six figure investment announced

Boost, the British e-bike conversion kit invented by Cambridge engineer Nick Bailey, has completed its recent funding round with a six-figure investment raise.

The money has been generated mostly via high net-worth backers with past bike investments, plus those with an interest in sustainable travel.

Nick Bailey, founder, said: “It was important for us to get investors on-board who really understand and are motivated by our kit’s potential. Not just to revolutionise e-bike ownership, but to actually bring people back into cycling. People who’ve got a bike sat in their shed or garage, unused and unloved – this kit will make them fall back in love with cycling again.” 

Unlike many other systems, the kits are mechanic-friendly and do not require any working knowledge of electronics. 

Boost is also firmly focused on creating genuine partnerships with bike shops – driving thousands of riders in-store – and supporting them year-round. As part of its support, it’s hired a dedicated brand champion – Liam Sargent. Liam is a trained mechanic and an U23 multidisciplinary cyclist who competes in XC, Road and CX.

The new investment is being used to ramp up sales and marketing activity directly with bike shops both in the UK and in Europe – the firm is also currently running a pilot distribution deal in Copenhagen to sound out continental growth.

On top of this, Boost will also be attending its first-ever bike event, The Cycle Show, in April. This will give hundreds of bike shop owners, staff and mechanics the chance to try out the firm’s unique conversion kit – which transforms any bicycle into an e-bike.

Unlike other conversion kits, the Boost motor is mounted in the rear wheel, which provides increased stability and a smoother ride, similar to a pre-built e-bike. A simple and intuitive handlebar-mounted unit, or App, controls two power settings, plus a 10-second ‘Super Boost’ button for trickier climbs. 

At a competitive £690.00 all fitted, the kit is effectively democratising e-bike ownership – meaning any standard bike can be converted, with owners avoiding the usual four-figure sum for an e-bike.

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