Cycling Time Trials update National Championship conditions

Cycling Time Trials (CTT) have announced changes to their Championship events, in which all rider achievements can be celebrated.

Cycling Time Trials (CTT) is the governing body for time trials in the UK, and the team promotes a wide range of events across the UK, set over a variety of distances, locations and terrains. Events span across fast and flat “drag strips”, in which riders seek to achieve their fastest ride, to punchy hill climbs, road bike and closed circuit event categories. 

The Cycling Time Trials board and team regularly meet to review the rules and regulations of the sport, listening to rider feedback and closely observing industry updates and trends, in order to support the most enjoyable, and fairest, competition for all. 

This week, the board has issued an update regarding a regulation (2, h) that determines the number of awards that are issued at their National Championships events, this being that ‘In the event that there are fewer than 10 eligible entrants for individual awards in a Championship, the number of medallions awarded is reduced to two. If fewer than five eligible entrants, only the winners award will be made.’

The Board of Cycling Time Trials has voted to rescind the above Condition with immediate effect. This will apply to Championships in 2023, previously held and upcoming, and means that medals will now be awarded to the first three riders in each Championship, irrespective of the number of competitors. It also means that all podium finishers will receive coveted invites to the famous CTT Champions’ Lunch and Prize Presentation, due to be held in Hellidon, Northamptonshire on 24th January 2024.

Andrea Parish, Chair of Cycling Time Trials said: “This is a really important development for our sport, and I’m delighted with this decision. A huge driving force for me in my role as Chair of CTT is in the celebration of domestic time trial cycling, and the celebration of rider achievement, for which this rule change is a clear advocate. It will help us to applaud all of those who deserve recognition for their amazing achievements, rather than being governed by numbers on a sheet. I’m excited to celebrate the achievements of all our prize winners at our luncheon in January.”

Amy Hudson, bronze medallist at this year’s CTT 24-hour National Championships, added: “Thank you CTT for listening and making change, challenging this rule wasn’t about me getting a Bronze medal, but about making sure women’s achievements are recognised in the sport. I’m looking forward to seeing three women on the podium going forwards and I hope more women feel inspired to give cycling a go.”

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