Dyaco Europe secures exclusive distribution agreement with Reebok for new e-bike product range

Dyaco secures distribution of Reebok’s new e-bike range

Dyaco Europe, a leading distributor of fitness equipment, has announced the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Reebok for their highly-anticipated new electric bike product range.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dyaco Europe has the exclusive distribution of Reebok’s innovative e-bike line-up for the UK market via J&P Italia (licensee for Reebok).Leveraging Reebok’s renowned brand reputation and Dyaco Europe’s extensive distribution network, the brands will work together to deliver exceptional e-bikes to customers across the UK.

In addition to the partnership with Reebok, Dyaco Europe has unveiled its ambitious plans to enter the luxury e-bike market with the launch of its own brand, Cikada. The Cikada range will include two road electric bike models, the City and the Touring. The Cikada range will be available to purchase via Dyaco’s home brands operator Sweatband.com. Dyaco acquired online fitness marketplace Sweatband.com back in September 2023. Cikada e-bikes start with the City at £1,999, with the higher spec model Touring carrying a £2,499 price tag.

The first generation of City and Touring Cikada e-bike range will both focus on combining comfort riding from the geometry design with long riding range using DynaForce battery capacity and PowerFlow efficient power supply technology. This creates a holistic premium e-bike that covers both market leading technical and comfort specs in one stylish package.

“This exclusive distribution agreement with Reebok and the launch of our luxury e-bike brand, Cikada, represent significant milestones for Dyaco Europe,” said Andrew Ward – Head of Trading at Sweatband.com.

He added: “We’re delighted to be entering the e-bike space with such innovative and market leading brands in Cikada and Reebok. This presents a huge opportunity for Sweatband.com in the outdoor space and the investment from Dyaco HQ & Reebok to ensure its success only seeks to show how much we as a group see the value in the opportunity.”

Dyaco’s investment in the construction of a state-of-the-art Taiwanese bike factory, valued at $27 million, underlines the company’s commitment to establishing a strong foothold in the global e-bike market. The facility will enable Dyaco to meet growing demand while maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Allen Ting – CSO – Dyaco International, said: “This is a proud moment in the Dyaco journey, diversifying our product offering with the launch of the Cikada brand, alongside agreeing exclusive distribution terms with a world leading brand in Reebok. This will be a big step forward in helping to achieve Dyaco’s vision of getting as many people active, globally, as possible.”

Dyaco Europe’s exclusive distribution agreement with Reebok and the launch of the Cikada brand represent an exciting new chapter for the company as it enters the rapidly evolving electric bike industry.

Cikada is due to hit the market later this month with the exclusive Reebok deal to hit the market in July.

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