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Cycling News, Festive feline appointment is the cat’s whiskers

Cycling News, Hargreaves Esq Ltd, owner of Sports Insight, Outdoor Insight, Winter Insight, Packaging Insight, Running Insights and Cycling Insights, has appointed a new social meow-dia manager.

Tobias is keen to gets his claws into the role before Santa Claus arrives.

Keith Marshall, founder of Hargreaves Esq Ltd, said: “It’s the purr-fect role for Tobias. He came to us highly recommended. He’s very social, has a keen eye for detail and can always pick out something that seems a bit fishy.”

Tobias will be working across all Hargreaves Esq Ltd’s channels and cat-egories.

Keith said: “Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Hargreaves.”

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