G-Form MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt takes ISPO Award 2024

G-Form MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt takes ISPO Award 2024

US protection company G-Form presents a new protection shirt for mountain bikers and motocross riders that features fully biodegradable and 100% recyclable pads. The jury granted the innovative MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt with the coveted ISPO Award 2024.

With the MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt, G-Form has launched an eco-friendly, certified impact protection for extreme mountain bike and motocross riders that stands out due to its biodegradable RE ZRO® pads as well as sophisticated features for individual adjustment and easy handling. At their meeting in the spring of 2024, the jury of the ISPO Awards decided to honour the new product with the coveted prize.

“G-Form is known for being a leader in lightweight, flexible, and body-mapping protection,” says Paul Fisher, G-Form’s Vice President of Global Product, “and now with RE ZRO, we are able to broaden our protection offerings even further, satisfying the more extreme rider who still expects distraction-free comfort from their gear.”

G-Form is a technology-driven protective solutions provider based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, offering premium products that combine protection, comfort, style, and freedom of motion. G-Form has become a chosen protection brand for athletes looking to level up across various categories including bike, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and military.

A new biodegradable and fully recyclable technology

Engineered for gravity MTB including downhill, enduro and slopestyle riders as well as motocross enthusiasts, the MX Spike offers CE-certified protection with their revolutionary, biodegradable and 100% recyclable RE ZRO® technology. Ideal for advanced riders seeking both performance and sustainability, this gear combines advanced safety with environmental stewardship. Featuring the RE ZRO® technology that exceeds stringent impact protection standards, these removable pads not only offer unrivalled safety but also help to protect the environment by fully biodegrading within 3–5 years in anaerobic landfill conditions, making it the world’s first fully biodegradable impact protection.

Michael Newton, the Director of Design at G-Form, stated: “The intent of the MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt was to provide a premium CE-certified protection solution to elite athletes pushing boundaries. The R&D team was very conscious of the need to deliver a product that is clean and minimal but rich with features required by elite riders from both MOTO and MTB. Fabrics that provide a stable but breathable compression fit and an easy on/off experience were essential. Another focus for the MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt was a strapping system that allows riders to adjust and secure the protection in a way that is custom for them. This includes not only custom tensioning straps but refined lumbar support adjustment that is critical for a personalized fit.”

As a result of the design process, RE ZRO® is bringing G-Form products to a higher safety certification targeted for gravity-style MTB including downhill, enduro and slopestyle, as well as motocross. The MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt reaches CE 1621-2 level 2 for back protection and 1621-3 level 1 for chest protection. These higher certifications guarantee confidence for the rider to stay protected during their most extreme rides, even at a moto-level ride. In addition to the MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt and the previously launched Terra Knee and Elbow Guards, which were recognized with the ISPO Award 2023, the G-Form line featuring RE ZRO® also includes the all-new Mesa Knee and Elbow Guards.

Abrasion resistance, breathability & durability

The MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt is designed with an abrasion-resistant chest panel that includes mesh windows, showcasing the RE ZRO® technology while maintaining breathability and durability. The extended spine coverage incorporates vented fabric, enhancing comfort during intense rides. The side zipper and adjustable chest straps ensure a secure custom fit, making the gear easy to wear and remove. For those who use a neck brace, elastics at the shoulder area ensure easy attachment, enhancing safety and convenience.

Moreover, the MX Spike is committed to sustainability from production to disposal. The packaging materials used are sourced from 100% post-consumer waste, reducing the ecological footprint significantly. The innovative design and choice of materials reflect G-Form’s dedication to sustainability, providing a product that not only protects riders but also prioritizes the planet’s health.

In summary, the ISPO Award jury found that the G-Form MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt is a sustainable protector with a custom fit that is well worth the coveted award.

This is what the ISPO Award jury says about the G-Form MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt: “This back and chest protector for mountain bikers and motocrossers stands out not only because of its biodegradable pads. The well thought out features for individual adjustment and easy handling when putting on and taking off the protector also make it unique.”

ISPO Award Jury

This is what G-Form says about the MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt:“In addition to other subtleties, like easy access pull tabs for gloved hands and BNS (neck brace) stabilizing elastics and cushioning, we were able to utilize RE ZRO pads and overlay a sustainable message and extend our commitment. Pad components are always a significant percentage of material usage in a product like G-Form’s MX Spike. Our utilization of components made from a recyclable and biodegradable material demonstrates the ability for innovative brands to change and choose a better way forward,” said Michael Newton, Director of Design G-Form

5 reasons why the G-Form MX Spike Chest + Back Shirt convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Certified protection
  • Biodegradable & recyclable materials
  • Adjustable to virtually custom fit each rider
  • Easy on and off with washability
  • Abrasion-resistant, breathable, and durable materials

Key data:

  • Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: Black
  • On sale: Already available
  • Price: €219.99

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