GATES 100K Belted Purse

Gates to award massive cash prize for mountain bike downhill win

Gates, a global provider of innovative highly engineered power transmission and fluid power solutions – and pioneer in belt-driven micromobility – has raised the stakes for mountain bike racers around the world.

Gates announced a massive €100,000 belted purse for the first elite racer to win a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Mountain Bike Downhill race on a Gates belt-driven bike.

This Gates Belted Purse Prize, which will roll over if not claimed this season, is intended to inspire teams and athletes to consider the unique performance advantages a belted downhill bike offers.

“With the advancements Gates has achieved through materials science and engineering innovation, the time has come to make history,” said Chris Sugai, General Manager, Gates Global Mobility. “Gates intends to show that the benefits of belt drives and advanced gearing solutions are applicable at the highest levels of mountain bike racing. And along with sport fans around the world, we’re eager for the 2024 UCI downhill races as the Gates Carbon Drive Prize adds to the excitement.”

Using a belt drive in conjunction with a gearbox on a mountain bike offers several key advantages. A rider has greater control, improved balance, and better handling due to lower unsprung mass in the rear wheel and concentration of mass in the center of the bike. Unsprung mass refers to the weight of components that are not supported by the suspension system, such as wheels, tires, and drivetrain. Reducing the unsprung mass of the rear wheel allows for more control and less rebound forces when riding. Navigating tight corners and technical sections are improvements enabled by this radically different drivetrain configuration.

Another benefit of a belt drive mountain bike is reduced risk of malfunctions versus a traditional chain system. Chains are prone to stretching, derailleurs are often damaged, and cassettes can clog with dirt and debris which can lead to poor performance and frequent mechanical issues. Gates Carbon Drive belts are made from highly durable materials that are resistant to stretching and corrosion, and importantly have no weak link.

Downhill racing has always been an adrenaline-fueled sport that pushes athletes and bicycle technology to their limits. Skill, courage, and determination are critical for success, and technical improvements to the bike can lead to race-winning seconds off the clock. With the Gates Carbon Drive €100K Prize, we’re about to see history in the making. It’s going to be a great season.

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