Giant Bicycles UK and Touch Up Paint Factory UK collaboration

Giant Bicycles UK and Touch Up Paint Factory UK collaboration

Touch Up Paint Factory UK a brand of Chipex Ltd have partnered with Giant Group UK to create a range of over 130 exclusive touch up paints that have been directly formulated to their colour range. 

Chipex & Touch Up Paint Factory manufactures bespoke car, motorcycle, bicycle and commercial touch up paint products for home users through its e-commerce platforms, in addition to selling direct to multiple international car manufacturers. The company’s two brands are: 

·        Chipex™: A premium line of fast-drying paint and patented blending solution products. 

·        Touch Up Paint Factory™: Aerosols & All in One Paint Pens and bottle products. 

Johnny Graham, CEO of Chipex Ltd, said: “Collaborating with Giant Group UK to create an exclusive range of touch up paint products for their bicycle model range was an extremely exciting project in this untapped marketplace, especially given that they are the worlds largest manufacturer of bicycles. Formulating in excess of 130 bespoke colours was a sizable project, in addition to designing and creating a dedicated website pages and databases. Giant Group UK requested that we cater for two of their other bicycle brands Liv and Momentum so as to include the whole range. The colour range is available to purchase through the Touch Up Paint Factory website as aerosols, paint pens and paint bottles. 

Key factors to collaborating with Giant Group UK were: 

·        Strong product demand 

·        Exclusive colour range 

·        Largest bicycle manufacturer in the world producing in excess of 6.5 million bicycles per year 

·        Patented All in One Paint system that negates the requirement of having to apply a separate clear coat that improves colour finish and reduces application time 

·        Pricing – Cost from £19.95 

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