Kat Graham grabs attention in a mix of Jelenew professional cycling pants and Stephane Rolland for 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Haute cycling clothing is becoming a trend thanks to Jelenew

Recently, American actress Kat Graham appeared on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival wearing a mix of Jelenew professional cycling pants and Stephane Rolland couture, which caused heated discussions in the field of fashion and sports technology.

Jelenew and professional cycling clothing attracted the public’s attention for a while. Driven by this trend and in the heat of the Tour de France month, KOLs scrambled to follow suit and posted ootd’s professional cycling clothing styling on social platforms such as ins, which also allowed professional cycling clothing to enter people’s minds from the road arena successfully in modern life.

“I’m always willing to try different styles of clothing because they bring me different moods. Feeling super cozy in this cute cycling ootd! This outfit is designed to fit the female body curves perfectly and I fell in love with them the first time I put them on. And I stumbled across Kat donned @jelenew_official brand outfits at the closing ceremony of the Cannes red carpet. The first time I knew about sportswear it can even be fashionable! Later, I saw them on the sponsor list of this annual amfAR GALA Cannes, and I heard that they are committed to global research on the fight against AIDS, their charitable spirit truly moved me, will continue to pay attention to their new trends!”A KOL wrote this on INS.

When outdoor sports become a way of life, clothing corresponding to various sports also occupies the player’s wardrobe. Hiking has made hiking shoes the daily life of trendy celebrities and ordinary players. Camping brings outdoor equipment to the public eye. From street fashion to designer brands, clothing corresponding to various sports has been reborn under different styles of interpretation.

Although cycling has been popular for a long time, the corresponding clothing has not attracted much attention. The earliest jersey craze dates back to the late 19th century when Tillie Anderson competed and broke records in cycling shorts, becoming the undisputed pioneer in the history of women’s sports.

In 1991, Karl Lagerfeld used cycling shorts for the Chanel spring and summer show, creating a trend of “urban surfing.” At the same time, Princess Diana wore cycling shorts and sportswear to and from the gym and living places and brought cycling shorts into daily life, but cycling shorts have been in a tepid state.

In 2018, Naomi Campbell took cycling shorts to the street fashion show. Coincidentally, in the spring and summer of 2019, the trendy brand Supreme and Castelli released joint cycling clothes. They injected fresh blood into the cycling culture through their mutual choices, but the cycling pants never came out of the fashion circle. The women of the Kim Kardashian family made cycling shorts famous. They use cycling shorts to mix and match various items, whether handsome and wild, trendy and modern, or casual and lively.

However, as a professional competition riding suit, there are limitations in daily matching, which also discourages many trend fans. On July 1, 2022, the 109th World Tour de France officially kicked off, making those who love cycling feel the charm of sports and cycling clothes have become a display of attitude on the field. And Jelenew’s reinterpretation of professional cycling clothing may once again set off a wave of popularity and enter the field of vision of trendy players.

Jelenew is an American avant-garde cycling brand born for women and the world’s first haute couture professional cycling brand. It is the first to introduce haute couture into the R&D and design of professional cycling apparel, creating apparel that combines athletic performance and haute couture aesthetics. As the world’s first high-definition professional cycling brand, Jelenew’s products are not inferior to other market leaders in sports performance and technical performance. The blessing of high-definition tailoring skills and haute couture aesthetics makes cycling clothing more suitable. It fits the rider’s body shape, thereby reducing the wind resistance during riding, and is stylish and beautiful.

The founding team of Jelenew is made up of a group passionate about cycling. Among the members are luxury haute couture designers, senior cycling enthusiasts, and digital technology experts. They came together because of their love for cycling, with a sense of mission of “making more women fall in love with cycling,” and hoped to use Jelenew to give full play to their professional advantages. When they paid attention to the fact that traditional cycling pads are very unfriendly to women in terms of physical health, function, and beauty, and there is much room for optimization, they developed a five-point V-shaped pad according to women’s body structure and the needs of riding.

Compared with the traditional cycling pad, Jelenew designed the seat cushion into a five-point V-shaped distribution design according to the physiological characteristics of female genitalia and the force during riding. The critical stress points, such as the upper parts, are thickened to protect the key stress regions when women ride. This new type of riding seat cushion can increase the cushioning effect, diffuse the pressure distribution, effectively reduce the pressure and discomfort during riding, reduce the risk of numbness in the buttocks and legs, and improve blood circulation. It will bring a healthy and comfortable riding experience to female cyclists. In addition, Jelenew will also apply the clothing technology and aesthetics in high fashion to the design of cycling equipment, making them more beautiful while maintaining excellent functionality, and visually bringing a better riding experience. This makes professional cycling clothing a trend in people’s daily informal dress, indirectly driving more women to fall in love with cycling.

Header image: Kat Graham grabs attention in a mix of Jelenew professional cycling pants and Stephane Rolland for 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

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