Himiway unveils three new electric bikes for 2023

Himiway has launched three new electric bikes for 2023: the Himiway Pony Portable Mini Bike, Himiway Rambler Electric City Commuter Bike and the Himiway Rhino Dual Battery Electric Mountain Bike.

The announcement was made on March 16 during the 2023 NEW PRODUCTS launch conference, which was live-streamed on YouTube.

“Our new models offer different options for riders who have different needs and preferences,” said a Himiway representative. “We aim to make e-bikes more accessible to all people, and these new models are a step in that direction. Himiway’s new brand mission is to enable every individual to enjoy the freedom e-bike travel offers.”

The Himiway Pony Portable Electric Mini Bike is an exciting new addition to the Himiway line. The compact and lightweight design of this bike was developed in response to feedback from younger riders who wanted a more portable e-bike for commuting and traveling within cities. The Pony features a powerful 300-watt motor and requires no pedalling, making it easy to transport and use. It also comes with an adjustable seat height to provide maximum comfort. The bike is available in five different colours and has a pre-order price of $599, with the regular price at $649.

The Himiway Rambler Electric City Commuter Bike is designed for versatility and power, with a high-capacity 48-volt, 720-watt-hour battery, and a 500-watt motor. It also has a hydraulic brakes version for improved safety. The Rambler is capable of impressive ranges of up to 55 miles, making it ideal for long-distance commuting. The bike comes in three different colours and is priced at $1299 for the mechanical brakes version, $1499 for the hydraulic brakes version, and $2199 for the mid-drive and hydraulic version.

The Himiway Rhino Dual Battery Electric Mountain Bike is the ultimate bike for riders who crave performance and range. With a powerful 750-watt motor and dual-battery system, the Rhino can achieve impressive ranges of up to 80 miles, making it perfect for long mountain treks. The bike also features hydraulic brakes for enhanced safety. The Rhino is available in two colours and priced at $2699 and $3999 for the 1000W mid-drive version.

“We are committed to providing premium product quality, superior customer satisfaction, and fulfilling our social responsibility,” added the representative. “We believe that our new models will help more people discover the joys of e-biking and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.”

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