Industry Nine Hydra Grade 300 V2 built to get Rowdy

Industry Nine Hydra Grade 300 V2 built to get Rowdy

Industry Nine has announced the Hydra Grade 300 v2 wheelset, designed to deliver on the biggest hits, deepest sends, and eMTB rips.

The standout feature of this Industry Nine wheelset is the all-new Grade 300 alloy rim, incorporating hollow bead wall technology—a triple cavity design that reduces pinch flats and enhances impact resistance.

The hollow bead wall design elevates the performance of alloy rim wheelsets to levels typically associated with carbon rims. This innovative shaping not only offers wider bead walls for improved impact resistance but also eliminates the concentrated pinch points found in conventional hook-shaped rims. Additionally, the triple cavity rim section enhances the structure’s strength and support, significantly reducing the severity of impact deformations.

In-house testing revealed that the new Grade 300 v2 impressively outperformed the previous generation rim. Regarding bead shelf deformation, the Grade 300 v2 exhibited a 79% improvement under moderate impact and a 65% improvement under severe impact. In terms of bead wall deformation under the same impacts, the Grade 300 v2 showed a 72% improvement under moderate impact and a 66% improvement under severe impact. Furthermore, the associated spoke tension drop at the impact site was also reduced, with a 62% improvement under moderate impact and a 71% improvement under severe impact. Industry Nine confidently asserts that the Grade 300 v2 is the strongest alloy rim they have ever offered.

Built on the Hydra 32h system hub and spoke chassis, the Grade 300 v2 wheelsets feature the iconic .52° engagement freehub system combined with direct-thread hubshells utilizing a one-piece machined alloy spoke, creating a ride quality and customizable aesthetics unlike anything on the market.

The Hydra Grade 300 v2 is the most robust alloy-rimmed wheelset in the Hydra custom alloy line. It is specifically designed for downhill bikes, bike park builds, and eMTB use.

MSRP: $1430 (Starting)

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Intended Use: DH, Big Hits, eMTB

Sizes: 27.5” | 29” | MX

Hole Count: 32

Inner Width: 30mm

Recommended Tire Size: 2.3” – 2.6”

Weight: 27.5” 1990g | 29” 2090g | MX 2040g

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