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It’s all upgrades and giveaways for ENGWE

For close to a decade, ENGWE has been on the cutting edge of design and performance in the e-bike industry.

In fact, their 2022 flagship model (the X26) raised a whopping $1,000,000 on Indiegogo in July. To further bolster their brand awareness – and to inspire more people to pursue healthier living – ENGWE is set to release their new Engine Pro Limited Edition: Aurora (100pcs).

As their biggest giveaway yet, customers are invited to enter the competition by visiting ENGWE’s EU or US sites.

Drawing inspiration from the principle of automated power, ENGWE is devoted to designing unique, high quality, and affordable electric bikes. Their hope is for more people to engage in the ultimate, personalized sport and short travel experience so they can embark on a new journey in life. As a result of their mission – to help people simplify and streamline short trips – ENGWE’s e-bike models have been well-received and recommended by their customers and the media alike. Their Engine Pro Aurora limited model is ENGWE ‘s next best step in green travel. But more than this, the Aurora carries with it a new vision and brand image.

Much like the design of their logo, which features a pair of wings that symbolize the freedom to chase dreams, the vibrant colours of their Aurora model also promote dreaming big and breaking barriers. With the intention of producing better products that help customers pursue better lives, the Aurora concept encompasses dreaming big and embarking on a new beginning.

As a promotional activity for their new Limited Edition Pro Aurora e-bike, ENGWE is holding a 100pcs giveaway for customers who have shown consistent support for the ENGWE brand and its mission.

The Giveaway Will Include:

1.10 Engine Pro – Aurora e-bikes
2. 25 Large Cycling Bags
3. 40 Small Cycling Bags
4. 25 $100 ENGWE Coupons

The giveaway will take place between September 26th and October 10th.

To enter, simply visit ENGWE online at US site or  EU site to take part in the activity.

With the achievements ENGWE has achieved around the e-bike industry track for almost 10 years, they can’t wait to see what the future of electric bicycles holds.

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