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Jelenew product line sets off a new wave in cycling industry

Earlier, a new product line was launched by the American female avant-garde cycling brand Jelenew. Its products include the Racing Collection, based on long-lasting endurance riding, and the Comfort Collection, which retains the functionality and practicality of sportswear, combined with haute couture aesthetics, to bring cyclists to various scenarios anytime, anywhere.

The brand’s initial drive was to apply cycling-friendly, versatile materials and haute couture aesthetics to people’s daily lives so that people could use its products both in the city and outdoors. And take this to bring sports and outdoor culture into the lives of urbanites and make more women love cycling. Once the product under this brand-new concept was launched, a whirlwind was set off by netizens on social platforms. In addition to traditional cycling distance mobilizers, many fashion KOLs, models, and artists have put on Jelenew and posted their sustainable and healthy cycling ideas on social media, igniting new fashion trends and fashion frenzy.

This phenomenon is rare in cycling brands that only emphasize sports functions in the past. Driven by social factors such as the epidemic, soaring oil prices, and “slow travel” traffic road planning and policies in various places, the cycling culture has prevailed, and cycling has changed from a competitive sport to a new way of life and culture. But most cycling jerseys on the market are all about performance and conservative style. The best jersey and shorts are about function, but only a few cyclists will wear them. Modern people live on the go and are constantly asked to make compromises, which means every kind of restriction. They want to live a life where they don’t need to change clothes because of scenes and situations. And Jelenew’s Comfort Cycling Collection is designed to deal with this situation. This series retains the functionality and practicability of sportswear, combined with high-definition and simple aesthetics, to bring cycling enthusiasts clothes that can cope with work, sports, and exercise scenes anytime, anywhere.

Jelenew fuses haute couture design and functionality, preserving the materials and functionality of cycling gear, delivering a durable, haute couture aesthetic based on long-lasting endurance riding. Jelenew’s features a range of elusive colors and takes on a minimalist perspective in its aesthetics. The four-way-stretch fabric consists of micro-perforation yarns, increasing airflow and comfort during hot weather. Jelenew also embeds the concept of environmental protection into the brand DNA, using natural, additive-free sunscreen and extremely quick-drying fabrics to provide consumers with a healthy and comfortable riding experience. The reference to haute couture makes Jelenew’s cycling clothing better fit and more wrapping, and the original three-point V-shaped structure riding saddle provides a healthy and comfortable riding experience. Jelenew said that the brand product co-creators with diverse backgrounds worldwide participate in the product design process, and all products would be repeatedly tested and modified before they are introduced to the market. They believe that cycling, like art, is a way of self-expression. Some industry insiders said that the return of leisure sports style and the cross-border style integration of Jelenew sportswear and luxury fashion is also one of the reasons for attracting young consumer groups.

Di Liu, Jelenew’s creative director, said: “We have an incredibly diverse consumer base, and brands appeal to different people for different reasons, but one thing in common is that we all love cycling. The life symbol that gives value is integrated into the cyclist’s life. No one can resist a healthy body and a free and full soul. Jelenew is more like a carrier, a carrier of self-discovery and self-expression, through which you’ll see how people can personalize themselves according to their needs.”

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