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Jelenew teams up with Olympic medallist Marion Clignet for an inspiring charity ride

Jelenew, a leading luxury women’s cycling brand, organised a charity cyclosportive to uplift and advocate for individuals affected by epilepsy.

This event took place on June 3 in the picturesque setting of Mauvezin, Gers, and aimsto raise awareness and funds to build a gym for the children of the CASTELNOUVEL MECCS, a medically supervised school dedicated to children with epilepsy.

Jelenew’s Chief Product Creator, Marion Cliget, had a remarkable journey from epilepsy patient to professional cyclist herself.

Born in the US, Clignet was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 22 and was shunned by the United States Cycling Federation. She moved to France to continue her career as a track cyclist and eventually rode three Olympic races and won multiple medals.

Clignet serves as a powerful inspiration for people affected with disabilities and she also actively advocates for the rights of disadvantaged individuals and female athletes. She regularly holds cyclosportive races to raise awareness and funds for children affected with epilepsy.

This charity ride with Jelenew underscores the brand’s commitment to empowering women through cycling and making a difference in public well-being.

All the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to L’école Des Enfants de Castelnouvel a Léguevin for infrastructure and sports equipment for the children. Jelenew also provided 10 cycling kits for the winner of the race along with 10 eco tote bags.

Header image: Marion is in top form in her Jelenew cycling outfit, advocating for people affected with epilepsy.

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