Jorvik Tricycles adds new wheels to growing portfolio

Jorvik Tricycles, Europe’s leading tricycle manufacturer, has unveiled two new mountain trikes designed and built in the UK to its portfolio, available to buy online and from the showroom based in York.

The JMT-11 and JMT-13 are available in both 250w and 500w variants and come with a choice of colourways including red, green and black. This is the first time Jorvik will be offering mountain trikes with dual batteries. Prices for the JMT-11 will start at £3899.99 for the 250w and the JMT-13 starts at £4099.99. 

These two additions to Jorvik’s portfolio expand the offering from nine products to eleven, all of which can be customised by selecting preferred colours and power options, as well as accessories such as baskets and pet beds. 

Jorvik Tricycles was launched in 2014, after owner James Walker began building tricycles for his father who could no longer ride his traditional bicycle. What started as a passion project fuelled by love became a business enterprise, and Jorvik Tricycles was born. Now, almost ten years later, the business is booming and celebrates annual revenue of around £6 million. 

James, owner and MD of Jorvik Tricycles, said: “Unveiling these two new mountain e-trikes shows our dedication to bringing more choice to the tricycle market, continuing our reputation as the brand to come to for quality, variety and of course, first-rate customer service.

“We design and build all our trikes in the UK and are passionate about helping customers select the right product for their needs. We’re passionate about our roots in helping people enjoy their freedom and want to continue offering fantastic products that quite literally change lives.” 

For more information and to see the full range of products, please visit:

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