Jorvik Tricycles launches the JET-E16

Jorvik Tricycles launches the JET-E16 a new compact model

Jorvik Tricycles, Europe’s leading tricycle manufacturer, has launched its most transportable model to date, the JET-E16. This new launch caters to the growing demand for commuter friendly, sustainable travel options.

The Jorvik JET-E16 offers cyclists a compact and easily transportable trike that will fit into the back of most cars and is ideal for city adventures and commuting. The JET-E16 is available in six colourways, including; green, black, blue, red, purple and teal. 

The new model boasts a foldable handlebar stem, 250W motor and 16 inch wheels, the smallest wheel size yet. The JET-E16 gives users between 30-35 miles to explore and takes just 5-6 hours to charge from flat to full. The JET-E16 is priced from £2,999 and is available to buy both online or in the brand-new showroom in York. 

James, Founder and Managing Director of Jorvik Tricycles, says: “Launching this new compact tricycle shows our dedication to bringing more choice to the tricycle market, continuing our reputation as the brand for quality, variety and of course, first-rate customer service. The JET-E16, which we are fondly calling our ‘travel trike’, offers our customers an easily transportable trike, perfect for city and suburban use as well as commuting. 

“We’re passionate about our roots in helping people enjoy their freedom, the outdoors and continuing to offer fantastic products that quite literally change lives.” 

Jorvik Tricycles was first launched in 2014, after owner James Walker began building tricycles for his father who could no longer ride his traditional bicycle. What started as a passion project fuelled by love became a business enterprise, and Jorvik Tricycles was born. Ten years later, the business is booming and celebrates annual revenue of around £6 million.

The latest addition to Jorvik’s portfolio expands the total product offering to sixteen, all of which can be customised by selecting power options, battery size, preferred colours, as well as additional accessories such as baskets and pet beds. 

Following the success of the recently launched showroom, Jorvik Tricycles has recently introduced a home demonstration service to ensure everyone across the UK has the chance to test ride the full Jorvik range. The JET-E16 and the full Jorvik range can be tested at the bespoke indoor test track in York or using the newly launched home demo service.

For more information and to see the full range of products, please visit:

To book a home demonstration of the brand JET- E16 model, please call  01904 405338 or contact  [email protected]

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