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Learn to ride on the Lightest Balance Bike – Hornit

The hardest part of learning to ride a bike is learning to balance. That’s why removing stabilizers is always a big day for any child and parent. A lot of wobbles, a few falls, getting up and trying again. Choosing a balance bike makes it simpler, forget about peddles, just concentre on the balancing, and the steps to learning to ride a bike become quicker and easier.

A balance bike is to teach a child to balance while sitting and moving. The two hardest parts of learning to ride a bike.

Stabilizers and training wheels stop children from balancing and teach them to ride on a tilt which is off balance. Balance bikes are an easy solution, children start by walking with the bike, then running, then gliding with their feet completely off the ground. The main idea is that learning to balance first is more essential than learning to pedal.

The lightweight Hornit AIRO balance bike is fast, agile, and sleek, whether going to school or scooting around the garden and park. It is strong, sturdy, and made from ultra-tough magnesium alloy which weighs just 2.95kg, Light enough to reduce injuries a child falls off and much-needed relief to parents who have to carry a bike when little ones refuse to ride.

The AIRO’s lightweight frame allows children to push along and learn to balance naturally. The AIRO features footrests that are contoured into the frame and the air-filled rubber tires on aluminum rims make for a slick free-wheeling experience. The neoprene padded stem provides additional safety, while the adjustable seat makes it perfect for ages 18mths – 5years.

Lighter than all 23 comparable competitors, Airo needs zero maintenance and comes with available with a lifetime warranty

The Hornit Airo is available in a range of colours and costs just £139 from Hornit.com

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