Lectric eBike long range battery

Lectric eBikes debuts new long-range battery to extend rides

Lectric eBikes, one of the fastest growing electric bike companies, has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of products – a Long-Range battery which allows riders to push the boundaries of range like never before.

Lectric is no stranger to industry-shattering innovation. Following the successful launch of the XP™ Lite and the XPremium electric bike series earlier this year, Lectric is at it again with the release of its new Long-Range battery. The 14 amp hour battery, which sports an impressive 672 watt-hour capacity and 48 volts, has the capability to extend any XP™ series range by 45%, depending on range factors.

“Following a survey of Lectric riders, we recognized that there’s this very real appetite from not just prospective customers, but also existing customers for the ability to go on longer rides,” said co-founder and CEO Levi Conlow. “We’re all about having people feel confident in their riding experience. I don’t want people to feel concerned that they might run out of battery, so we set out to eliminate that concern by offering this Long-Range battery.”

Since the company’s debut in 2019, Lectric has been praised for its commitment to creating high quality products at an affordable price point. Customers can now upgrade their XP™ 2.0 purchase with the Long-Range battery for $200 at checkout or purchase it separately for $500. In true Lectric eBikes fashion, the Long-Range battery allows riders to get more range for a fraction of the market price.

“The addition of the Long-Range battery is completely in the DNA of Lectric eBikes,” Conlow added. “When I say that, I mean we’re delivering a tremendous value to the customer. At the end of the day, you cannot get this much battery from anybody else at this price point.”

For a limited time, Long-Range batteries will be marked 20% off the regular price for existing XP™ 1.0 and 2.0 owners to purchase at www.lectricebikes.com.

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