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MyoMaster launches its industry leading British engineered sports recovery range in the US

Leading British sports recovery brand MyoMaster today announced that it has launched its full range of recovery products in the US as it targets becoming the leading recovery brand for endurance athletes.

MyoMaster was officially founded in January 2020 by husband and wife team Lottie Whyte and Joe Gray after an initial period operating the business as a side project. MyoMaster was first born when Joe, an ex Harlequins professional rugby player, was suffering with achilles tendonitis and after training one day started dismantling some tools at home and fashioned his own massage gun. After many iterations of testing and refining, this became the MyoPro massage gun, the first product in the MyoMaster range.

The range now includes the MyoPro and MyoLite massage guns, the most powerful regular and mini massage guns on the market respectively, the MyoAir compression boots which are 2.5 times stronger at their maximum compression than any others, the MyoPulse for electrotherapy and MyoCuff for BFR occlusion. There are numerous products also in development with the goal being to become the one stop shop for all things recovery for endurance athletes.

All of MyoMaster’s product range have been developed BY ATHLETES. FOR ATHLETES. with their primary objective being to improve people’s performance both in training and racing through optimising all elements of their recovery. If it does not effectively help athletes push their boundaries and athletic limits, it is not something to be pursued.

This is embodied by the partnership between Olympic Gold Medal winning triathlete Alex Yee who uses the full range of MyoMaster products in his regular training and racing routines, ​​using MyoAir pneumatic compression boots to flush lactate out of his legs as well as the MyoPro massage gun as activation to switch on any tight areas, making sure he’s ready to go.

Co-Founder and CEO Lottie Whyte added: “to be able to serve as many athletes striving to achieve great things in their training and racing and are committed to their sporting pursuits, no matter their level, is what we want to achieve. This is why we are expanding to serve the US and Canada having had such amazing feedback from athletes we speak to on a weekly basis when out and about at events with our mobile recovery hubs. Game changing recovery is what we’ve brought to UK athletes so far and now it’s time to take it Stateside!”

The full range of MyoMaster products can be explored at

Header image: Olympic Gold Medal winning triathlete Alex Yee who uses the full range of MyoMaster products in his regular training and racing routines.

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