MyWhoosh launches major update with profile import feature

MyWhoosh launches major update with profile import feature

MyWhoosh, the free-to-ride indoor training and racing platform used by Giro d’Italia winner Tadej Pogačar, UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ, has launched the latest version of the premier virtual riding experience for professionals and amateurs alike, with several key updates for both existing and new riders to the MyWhoosh world.

In a significant advancement for indoor cyclists worldwide, MyWhoosh now allows users to transfer their profile ratings and player levels from other indoor cycling platforms. This functionality streamlines the transition process for new and existing users, enabling them to carry over their achievements and continue their progress seamlessly.

The data transfer process is straightforward:

Data Submission: Users submit all relevant data from their current profiles on other platforms, including supporting proof.

Verification: The MyWhoosh events team verifies the submitted data.

Profile Update: Upon verification, the rider’s level, distance, level rewards (converted to MyWhoosh coins), and elevation gain are reflected on their MyWhoosh profile.

This feature ensures that new and existing riders do not have to start from scratch.

New World routes to explore – California has now been added to the ever-expanding worldwide virtual routes available to ride on MyWhoosh. Standouts include Downtown LA, Hollywood, Golden Gate, Silicon Valley and the infamous Escape from Alcatraz! A total of 60km of new riding terrain with a variety of climb routes, rolling hills and flat city circuits.

Another addition is a revamped and extended Hudayriyat Island in the UAE, a specialist sports destination with multi-discipline cycling attractions including purpose-built cycling tracks, off-road trials, BMX and an upcoming state of the art velodrome.

The main MyWhoosh cycling routes are a mixture of real routes based on GPX data and virtual routes. The 10.6km Dust Trail is a fictional addition for those in search of some virtual gravel action.

Renamed for Windows users

MyWhoosh Go simply changes to MyWhoosh with the introduction of 3.7.0. This is still the great app that is designed to run smoothly on the vast majority of Windows computers and will be the default version. Existing MyWhoosh will now be called MyWhoosh HD. This version of MyWhoosh is more graphic-intense and is designed for high-end Windows gaming machines.

Windows users should follow these instructions for a seamless transition to 3.7.0:

               1. For existing MyWhoosh Go Users:

  • Delete the old MyWhoosh Go app from your Windows device and reinstall the MyWhoosh Go 3.7.0 from the Windows Store. This is an important step.
  • A few days after the 10th of June launch of 3.7.0, The Windows Store will update the MyWhoosh Go name to MyWhoosh. This will trigger a prompt for an auto update yet again. Kindly update.
  • After the update, MyWhoosh Go will now be renamed MyWhoosh and no further action needs to be taken.

2. For existing MyWhoosh Users:

  • Delete the current MyWhoosh app from your Windows device.
  • Download the MyWhoosh HD app from the Windows Store.

 It is highly advised that riders follow the above steps to delete and reinstall the appropriate app based on their system capability.


Live Coaching and Video On Demand (VOD) Support for Apple TV – The live and pre-recorded training sessions led by top coaches in the indoor cycling sphere can now be accessed 24/7 via Apple TV systems.

Data Recovery System – In the event of unexpected system crashes or data disconnection from the rider’s end, data is saved in the system and can be recovered when next logged in to MyWhoosh.

Offline mode – For an uninterrupted experience, the game shifts to offline mode if the user gets disconnected. The rider’s progress continues but without other avatars. Once reconnected, the rider’s position is reflected in the interim offline progress.


MyBunch 24/7: Users can choose groups of bot riders segmented by predefined watts/kg and speed. Once selected, riders will be teleported directly to the MyBunch group that will be riding at the pace they have selected. These bots will be grouped in sets of 6-8, and when joining, riders will have buffer time of 60 seconds (power assist) to pace up to the power of the bots. These MyBunch groups will be available on a variety of routes, and each bot group will have a distinct jersey colour. The aim is to give a lifelike community experience, with bots mimicking the behaviour of real riders, giving players the sensation of being part of an actual riding group.

Sponsored Jersey for events –Communities will now be able to apply to have custom jerseys in-game. The jerseys will only be available for riders that join the community rides. The hosts of community rides can submit their jersey designs to be incorporated into the library.

Chase Race –This is a premium event where riders can compete in one race matched with people with similar abilities. Each group of riders will be given a head start over stronger riders in the race and the first one to cross the finish line will be the winner. The races are open for both female and male riders, enabling any rider to compete in the same space.

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