MyWhoosh, the free-to-use virtual cycling platform, has announced the revamp of its AlUla map (Saudi Arabia).

MyWhoosh launches upgraded routes across the Middle East

MyWhoosh, the free-to-use virtual cycling platform, has announced the revamp of its AlUla map (Saudi Arabia).

The MyWhoosh updates aim to optimize the riding experience to enhance the real-life landscapes across locations.

AlUla World

MyWhoosh has used the latest innovations to modernize the mesmerizing AlUla world – upgrading the scaling and scene set up over the 174km map. AlUla is one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula and has been featured on MyWhoosh since February 2022. Since then, more technologically advanced routes have been launched on the platform, which have improved scaling.  The scaling upgrades mean that exporting rides to external services such as Strava will be enhanced. 

The renewed map offers riders the chance to explore a variety of biomes. From flat desert planes to rocky sandstone valleys; this map really tests limits. The updated map includes regions such as Hegra, Old Town, Future City; and more specifically, the following routes:

  1. Nomad Trail (Cave, Farm, Oasi, Future City, Desert): Length: – 18.48km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 20m; Cumulative Gain: – 128m; Max Grade: – 6.6%; Min Grade: – -7.2%
  2. Culture Ride (Farm, Oasis, Future City, Hegra): Length: – 17.37 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 19m; Cumulative Gain: – 147m; Max Grade: – 6.8%; Min Grade: – -6.8%
  3. Canyon Pass (Desert, Farm, Cave, Heritage Climb): Length: – 31.28 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 332m; Cumulative Gain: – 438m; Max Grade: – 13.3%; Min Grade: – -13.7%
  4. Nabatean Trail (Green House, Cave Climb, Cliff): Length: – 15.97 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 113m; Cumulative Gain: – 215m; Max Grade: – 11.7%; Min Grade: – -11.0%
  5. Heritage Climb (Desert, Heritage Climb, Canyon, Cliff, Cave Climb, Old town): Length: – 38.91 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 332m; Cumulative Gain: – 679m; Max Grade: – 13.5%; Min Grade: – -14.3%
  6. Valley of Tombs (Hegra): Length: – 4.91 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 2m; Cumulative Gain: – 14m; Max Grade: – 2.2%; Min Grade: – -2.2%
  7. Alula Adventure Loop (Cave, Old Town, Green House, Cave Climb, Canyon, Future City, Oasis, Farm): Length: – 31.4 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 138m; Cumulative Gain: – 332m; Max Grade: – 11.7%; Min Grade: – -11.5%
  8. Tour Of Hegra (Desert, Future City, Hegra): Length: – 15.44 km; Elevation (Peak Point): – 15m; Cumulative Gain: – 54m; Max Grade: – 4.7%; Min Grade: – -4.7%

In addition, MyWhoosh has reshuffled the way riders can tap into the different worlds. The virtual worlds will now be available on rotational basis in free rides and workouts, meaning that riders will be able to switch up their training program each week, streamlining the user experience. The new schedule will be available on the app from today.

From the archaeological sites of AlUla, the routes will be ready, alongside a host of exciting updates in the MyWhoosh app, available on iOS, Android and Windows.

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