New Canyon Innovation Lab to unlock next level of bicycle designs

New Canyon Innovation Lab to unlock next level of bicycle designs

With the opening of Canyon Bicycles Innovation Lab at Canyon.HQ in Koblenz (Germany), the global bike manufacturer is marking a pivotal evolution in its approach to product development – focusing on the art of innovation itself.

The new design and development forge is a cutting-edge facility, staffed by Canyon’s team of world-leading bike engineers and designers, who are charged with continuing the company’s medal-winning success and adding to the 300+ product design patents that the company holds.

Yet beyond the collective might of its engineers in the Innovation Lab, Canyon knows that innovative power also lies in every enthusiastic rider. Canyon wants to harness this latent source of knowledge by leveraging the curiosity, inquisitiveness and passion for cycling within its workforce.

Wolfgang Kohl, Innovation Lab Team Manager, said: “I firmly believe that the true experts on what riders need most are riders themselves. We have an amazingly talented and committed team here at Canyon: over a thousand minds living, breathing and dreaming bikes. Any one of those minds could hold the key to the next big innovation in cycling. At the Innovation Lab, one of our main aims is to work with that untapped potential and turn it into products and innovations that make riding better for all cyclists, regardless of their preferred style or discipline.”

Overall, the Innovation Lab is a place where the best brains in cycling redefine the limits of what’s possible on two wheels – whether that be experts, engineers and designers or any creative Canyon mind with an inventive spirit.

Canyon’s forge for innovation, performance, design and technology

“At Canyon, we are unapologetically innovative. We have always pushed boundaries and challenged expectations to set new standards in cycling – and we will continue to do so. Our innovation focus is centred on our customers and the diverse community of riders out there. With our Innovation Lab, the Canyon team will step up to a new level of outstanding achievements in both the high-performance sector and in our urban portfolio, supporting the future of sustainable mobility,” said Canyon CEO Nicolas de Ros Wallace.

In the Innovation Lab, the team is operating outside the restrictions of a traditional product delivery timeline – separating itself from product research and development – and is liberated to follow trends early, to explore new ideas, to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and to delve deep into research with a greater degree of freedom.

With the customer needs in mind, the aim is to tackle innovation challenges and build on Canyon’s ambition to create the best rider experiences and the best bikes in the world. Kohl explains: “There’s no greater thrill than leaving no stone unturned and no idea unexplored in the pursuit of true innovation. With free rein to work on our own projects in the way we need to, I envision the Innovation Lab to be a creative open space where unbound inspiration can flourish.”

The Innovation Lab represents and continues the successful track record of Canyon’s innovative power and engineering that has produced many successful milestones in the bike industry. From the Aeroad’s benchmark aerodynamics, which makes it the fastest bike in the peloton, to the Speedmax with its enviable triathlon and track palmarès, the Grail with that Double Decker Cockpit or the Inflite with its unmistakeable silhouette. Then there’s the Strive’s game-changing Shapeshifter system, or the Spectral K.I.S. steering stabiliser. All these inventions have captured the imagination of riders around the world since the company’s beginnings in 2002.

With the opening of their Innovation Lab, Canyon Bicycles are taking their commitment to ground-breaking development and design to an even higher level.

Though brand new, the Innovation Lab is already continuing Canyon’s record for creating shock waves in cycling. The first bike designed from scratch in the Lab is launching in early 2024. Details are currently under wraps but stay tuned and stay curious as Canyon unlocks the next level in bike innovation.

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