Officine Mattio new SL 2023

Officine Mattio presents the new SL, the iconic “Super Leggera”

SL is the most rideable and performing bike in Officine Mattio’s catalogue among its road models. As its name states, it is also Super Leggera (Super Light).

The first prototype was born in 2018 thanks to a clear need: to reduce the weight of the frame. The introduction on the market of the disc brake, though providing a better braking performance, heavily increased the weight of bikes. The goal was reached in December 2018: the SL joined the Officine Mattio range and immediately became the top-of-the-range model of its catalogue of road bikes.

Today Officine Mattio is proud to present the new SL, which combines classic and modern and, like its predecessor, is 100% Italian.

SL is perfect for climb-loving cyclists, it is stable and safe when riding downhill but compared to the previous model, which undoubtedly had a more classic style, this one also draws the attention of younger enthusiasts.

The new SL is elegant in its geometry, safe, stable and comfortable on the road and, above all, it is extremely light.


To create his first SL, Giovanni Monge Roffarello, the CEO of Officine Mattio, had an ambitious goal: 1 kg of weight for the frame + fork kit. To create it he started looking for an Italian company that was a leader in the composite field and, together, after studies and tests, they reached an extraordinary result by using the innovative IwS technology. The outcome was a frame + fork kit weighing just 1.05 kg, light, robust and safe.

The first SL series was launched in 2018, the second, which was released a couple of years later, featured an updated fork, with a D-shaped steering column, to enable the integration of cables and cable housings. The SL thus became the lightest bike with integrated cables.


Today, Officine Mattio presents the 2023 edition of the SL, with its shapes truly revolutionised: the

frame’s geometry has been changed and its fork has been designed specifically for this model.

The frame changes when it comes to the geometry of the single tubes: the top tube and the down tube are no longer cylindrical, as in the previous models, but rather a “flatter” shape. This design heavily reduces the side stress and results in greater stability, thus supporting the athlete’s performance.

The angle of the top tube is different compared to the previous model, resulting in 2 extra cm of sloping: the frame is more compact and therefore more responsive and snappier. Finally, the rear stays: the connection between seat stays and chain stays has been designed to provide maximum stability.

The new SL features an innovative fork, with a large tyre clearance that enables the mounting of tyres up to 40 mm. Its special shape, moreover, increases the riding comfort, while making it more responsive than the previous model.

Reach and stack remain the same as the previous model, while the height of the fork has been increased by 8 mm. Consequently, the head tube is lower, and the down tube and top tube are closer. The bike thus achieves greater stability and better rideability.

The SL’s fork and frame are made in carbon fibre T1100 G, impregnated with a special resin that makes the structure cohesive, rigid and, at the same time, extremely light. The frame of the new SL weighs just 660 grams (size M not painted).

The bike is therefore very light and the frame is very responsive, but can nevertheless offer an excellent level of comfort and performance.


The painting process of the SL, as for all the Officine Mattio bikes, is completely handmade, in Piedmont (Italy), in Officine Mattio’s painting department.

A new painting technique of the accents has been applied on the model: the colours are sprayed by hand and are shaded, to stress that at Officine Mattio every shade makes the difference.

“We are satisfied and excited because we wanted to give our customer a bike that is extremely light, but even more rideable and comfortable. One of the goals we have set for ourselves has been to bring new youth to the model while maintaining all the lightness of this bike, making it more responsive and preserving the excellent rideability and pedalling comfort. We are sure that anyone who will try it will say that we succeeded,” said Giovanni Monge Roffarello, CEO of Officine Mattio.


The new SL – like all of Officine Mattio’s bikes – can be designed by the consumer in each of its components and colour, thanks to Officine Mattio’s online configurator, which enables the user to customise the bike by finding set-ups and graphics that will make the product truly unique. Thanks to the online configurator they can also customise the colour of the logo.

The new SL is available in 4 standard set-ups in the catalogue: Shimano Ultegra DI2 – SRAM Red AXS – Shimano Dura Ace Di2 – Campagnolo Super Record WRL.

There are 8 standard sizes available: from 48 to 63. As for the other models, the new SL by Officine Mattio too offers the frame size customisation service, by creating it based on the measures provided by the single customer.

Recommended retail prices (Euro area): starting from 10,240€ excluding VAT. The frame kit is available from 6,300€ excluding VAT – including the integrated handle (OM sharp) and OM seat post.

For all other currencies and more information, please contact the local distributor, the nearest dealer or online at

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