Podium the CamelBak water bottle as a symbol of cycling culture

Podium: the CamelBak water bottle as a symbol of cycling culture

CamelBak, the global leader in personal hydration products for athletes, recently announced the arrival of new insulated versions of its iconic Podium: Titanium and Steel.

The new Podium Titanium and Podium Steel bike water bottles, now available online and in top cycling shops across Europe, are a perfect blend of innovation and design, expressing a distinct style typical of modern cycling culture. The sinuous lines and the elegance of the precious materials, such as titanium and stainless steel respectively, make them an iconic design object, perfect for standing out even off the bike.

Podium: a piece of history

The water bottle is the quintessential cycling symbol, and for over twenty years with its Podium, CamelBak has interpreted it in function and style: the Podium has been accompanying thousands of cyclists on countless adventures.

Today, the new titanium and stainless steel versions not only homage this symbolic object commonly made of plastic, but also enrich it with innovative, high-quality and durable materials.

High-quality materials for uncompromising performance

Titanium and stainless steel give the new Podium water bottles exceptional durability, making them the perfect replacement for any disposable bottle: not only for drinking water on the bike, but also for a cool drink on the go. These materials combined with the special double-wall vacuum construction are able to keep drinks at the right temperature for hours (7, 14 or 18 depending on capacity), ensuring optimal hydration all day long.

 Beyond the ride, a lifestyle

The new Podium water bottles are not only performance accessories, but also an expression of a precise lifestyle: that of those who love cycling. Attention to detail and design make them cult objects for two-wheel enthusiasts who want to stand out with class and originality.

The new Podium Titanium and Podium Steel water bottles are the ideal choice for cyclists who are looking for a high-performance, innovative product with a sophisticated design; and who don’t want to give up the usual way of drinking. Special engineering provides a constant flow of water, without having to “squeeze” the water bottle. A way of celebrating the passion for cycling and living every adventure in style. Podium Titanium and Podium Steel in brief:
Titanium is an absolute novelty. Ideal for those who want the best, this water bottle keeps water cold for 7 hours thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation and innovative drinking system. Compatible with most bottle cages, Podium Titanium is also perfect as a water bottle for the off-bike life.

Steel, with its clean design is available in a range of attractive colours and two capacities (530ml and 650ml). It promises uncompromising ‘beyond the ride’ performance: its thermic insulation keeps drinks cold for 18 or 14 hours depending on the capacity. It is compatible with most bottle cages and features an ultralight design.

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