Possenia is first Swiss cycling brand to launch bluesign product

Possenia is first Swiss cycling brand to launch bluesign product

Possenia, a trailblazing newcomer in the cycling industry, has announced a groundbreaking achievement: it is Switzerland’s first cycling brand to introduce the bluesign PRODUCT label, marking an important milestone in sustainable cycling apparel in Europe.

These environmentally conscious, premium cycling essentials are now available on Digitec Galaxus as well as directly through the Possenia website.  

As a brand committed to premium quality, innovation and sustainability, Possenia has risen above traditional industry barriers to obtain bluesign PRODUCT certification for a large proportion of its product range, aiming to bring the remaining portion into its bluesign PRODUCT ranges by 2025. This milestone underscores Possenia’s unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the cycling industry with environmentally responsible practices and options.

“At Possenia, we are driven by a passion for sustainability and a desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Possenia CEO and Co-Founder, Melissa Vostriakova. “Being the first Swiss cycling brand to offer bluesign PRODUCTs is a testament to our commitment to creating a happier, more sustainable future for all.”

The bluesign PRODUCT label represents the gold standard in responsible production, ensuring that every aspect of manufacturing meets strict chemical, environmental and worker safety criteria. By partnering with bluesign technologies, Possenia ensures that its products are made with the utmost care for both the planet and its inhabitants.

Possenia stands out not just for its innovative ethos and ethical manufacturing, but also for the exceptional quality and accessibility of its products. Their bluesign PRODUCT range of cycling essentials, epitomizes this commitment, offering conscientious cyclists a compelling choice. Crafted from fabrics trusted to be put on the shoulders of grand tour winners, these garments combine premium performance with ethical integrity, catering to individuals who demand excellence in both their gear and their principles.

“Our vision is to create responsible cycling wear that is accessible to all to drive a shift towards a more sustainable cycling industry. Sustainability must absolutely not only be prohibitively priced if we as a society truly want to pave the way for a better future. Sustainability must become both the default option and be affordable rather than just another luxury option on the market for those who can afford it,” said Michael Kenyon, Executive Member of Possenia’s Board of Directors.

Possenia’s cycling range incorporates almost exclusively bluesign APPROVED recycled and commercially biodegradable fabrics as well as bluesign APPROVED trims and finishes. A critical component of Possenia’s approach, in collaboration with bluesign Technologies is strict chemical management, a cornerstone of impact reduction.

CEO of bluesign Technologies, Daniel Rufenacht, said: “Many sport enthusiasts, like cyclists, spend a great deal of their lives outdoors and have a deep connection to their environment. Possenia understands this and has aligned its key values with what’s really important for us as a society: the long-term health of our planet. When it comes to chemical management, we know that chemicals represent more than 20% of industrial water pollution and around 25% of chemicals used globally are attributed to the textile industry. It’s one of the most critical levers in sustainability.”

The availability of Possenia’s bluesign PRODUCT styles on Galaxus signifies a significant step forward in making sustainable, premium cycling apparel accessible to wider reaches of the Swiss market. From on-the-bike wear such as jerseys and cycling shorts to off-the-bike wear such as hoodies and t-shirts, each item in the Possenia lineup reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Possenia wants to inspire cyclists worldwide to perform at their best, ride with confidence, and all the while minimize their environmental footprint.

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