Pro-level integration Canyon launch revamped Speedmax CF

Pro-level integration: Canyon launch revamped Speedmax CF

The new Canyon Speedmax CF line-up now features cable and line integration across all models courtesy of Canyon’s all-new CP0041 cockpit.

The Canyon Speedmax is, in short, the most decorated, celebrated, and venerated bike in modern triathlon. It’s a 6-time World Championship-winning, long-distance world record-setting icon raced by the strongest roster in the sport, including all-time great Jan Frodeno, reigning World Champion Sam Laidlow, and former World Championship winners Chelsea Sodaro and Patrick Lange.

But while it has consistently graced triathlon’s highest stages for over a decade, the sport’s premier bike isn’t exclusively reserved for the pros. Look around at any triathlon race on the calendar, and you’ll see age group athletes everywhere gaining a competitive edge from the enthusiast-class Speedmax CF. Here’s why:

  • World-class aerodynamics: Sculpted using advanced wind tunnel and CFD technologies, our latest Speedmax CF is faster than Jan Frodeno’s 2019 Kona-winning Speedmax CF SLX.
  • Full-race hydration, nutrition and tool storage: Stay focused on the race thanks to the Speedmax CF’s smart on-board storage solutions.
  • World Championship DNA: Drawing inspiration from the flagship CFR and SLX platforms, the Speedmax CF makes breathtaking speed, smart integration, carbon construction, and bespoke fit more accessible.

And now, the Speedmax CF has reached a whole new level. Taking further inspiration from the setups used by the world’s top pros, the new Speedmax CF lineup now features cable and line integration across all models, courtesy of Canyon’s all-new CP0041 cockpit.

“The benefits of integrated cockpit designs are significant and well established – they’re more aesthetic, they’re cleaner, and they save vital watts compared to a traditional design with externally routed cables and lines,” said Moritz Hief, Junior Product Manager Road at Canyon. “For years, we’ve used a fully integrated cockpit design on the Speedmax CFR raced by our pros. With the new Speedmax CF, our goal was to let even more athletes reap the rewards of those pro-driven developments by making them available at an unprecedented point in the market. What’s really exciting is that with this kind of trickle-down design approach, you can trace a direct line from the input of athletes like Jan Frodeno who inform our development efforts, right down to the bikes that age groupers use at races around the world. It’s a vision we like to call democratising performance, and we’re proud to see that vision become a reality.”

Besides enhanced integration, the CP0041 cockpit is also compatible with a new Canyon-designed hydration system. Carrying up to 750 ml of liquid, perfectly complementing the bike’s aero frame forms, and with a drinking straw securely attaching to the cockpit using an integrated magnet, athletes can benefit from rapid-access hydration with no aero penalties and without having to leave their aero tuck.

Two brilliant builds

The Speedmax CF comes in two new builds that offer value for money unmatched by any other bike at their price points.

  • The €3,999 Speedmax CF 7 (left) comes fitted with mechanical Shimano 105 shifting and a 4iiii Precision Slim power meter.
  • The €5,499 Speedmax CF 7 AXS (right) is equipped with SRAM Rival AXS shifting, spindle-integrated power meters, and SRAM’s Vuka Shift AXS wireless aerobar shifting system.

Both bikes roll on DT Swiss’ wind-cheating ARC 1600 Spline wheels.

Available 4 April

The Speedmax CF 7 and Speedmax CF 7 AXS are available on 4 April, exclusively at

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