Aztec Adventures hosted the third-annual Roost the Ridges enduro

Roost the Ridges enduro race attracts mountain bikers

Aztec Adventures hosted the third-annual Roost the Ridges enduro mountain bike race attracting racers, fans, and families from around the Four Corners region with exceptional participation numbers from junior (under 18) racers.

Roost the Ridges began at Lions Wilderness Park where riders begin an 8-mile-long untimed transfer into the Glade Run Recreation Area. From there, riders completed three timed downhill segments across flowing ridgeline terrain.

“It was a fantastic day of racing held out on the course in the Farmington Glade Recreation Area,” said Neil Hannum, founder of Aztec Adventures. “We had participants from Littleton, Colo., Albuquerque, N.M., Many Farms, Ariz., and the Silver Stallion Bicycle group from Gallup, N.M. were also in attendance. Our next event will be the Galactic Grinder in Cedar Hill, N.M. It has been postponed until April 20th due to a prediction of bad weather.”

Roost the Ridges 2024 Top Results

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Pro Men

  1. Logan Lewis, age 18, 9:05:13
  2. Dillon Burns, age 17, 9:08.01
  3. Phil Cowan, age 33, 9:15.88

Pro Women

  1. Brittany Cowan, age 33, 9:48.89
  2. Makenzie Pardoe, age 18, 11:20.31
  3. Brooke Elliott, age 28, 11:26.14

Intermediate Men

  1. Jeff Lewis, age 52, 9:42.54
  2. Mike Burns, age 48, 9:43.15
  3. Jaden Eagleman, age 16, 9:44.26

Intermediate Women

  1. Emily Rodman, age 48, 12:29.29

Beginner Men

  1. Isaiah Schrag, age 15, 10:21.71
  2. Kelby Pepper, age 54, 10:31.29
  3. Grady White, age 18, 10:47.25

(No beginner women racers)

Grom Under-16 Men

  1. Dylan Lewis, age 15, 9:38.77
  2. Caleb Osmera, age 15, 9:46.02
  3. Antonio Pell, age 16, 9:50.09

Grom Under-16 Women

  1. June Bremner, age 13, 10:34.74
  2. Lavender Blacow, age 14, 14:25.13

Grom Under-13 Men

  1. Ellis Bates, age 10, 10:12.81
  2. Grey Saren, age 13, 11:15.18
  3. Eli Snow, age 10, 11:43.20

Grom Under 13 Women

  1. Janaria Segay, age 13, 14:15.96

Later this month, Aztec Adventures will switch its focus to gravel bikes with the Galactic Grinder on April 20. The event serves up three hilly gravel Orbits, transporting you into the outer atmosphere around the Alien Crash Site outside Aztec. Starting in Cedar Hill, the 35- and 50-mile routes quickly encounter a sharp climb into the ‘San Juan Alps,’ close to the New Mexico-Colorado state line. After traversing mesas and sandy washes, both routes filter into a 4-mile stretch of singletrack in the infamous Alien Run trail system before hitting some more punchy hills back to the finish. The 9-mile route offers a fun but challenging introduction to gravel riding and the terrain San Juan County has to offer.

Galactic Grinder will be followed up with Gas Field Grinder on June 8th in Downtown Aztec and Holy Grit will be based out of Wines of the San Juan in Blanco. Aztec Adventures encourages participants of all abilities to partake in its events–which show off its ethos of Go Fast, Go Slow, Just Go. Founder Neil Hannum has extensive experience exploring the area via bicycle and seeing what’s soon to be known as world-class cycling terrain. In 2021, Hannum joined forces with recent Fort Lewis College graduate William Farmer, his cousin Haden Cox, and the rest of Will’s extended family along with a small group of volunteers to create what are now mainstay events on the region’s cycling calendar. Often overshadowed by the famed trails and cycling community in Durango, Colo., San Juan County is a hidden paradise of mountain biking and gravel riding just waiting to be discovered.

Registration for Galactic Grinder is now open. Riders who register for all three upcoming gravel events receive 20 percent off of registration. To learn more about these events, please visit

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