Rudy Project launches the Rebel Helmet

Rudy Project launches the Rebel Helmet

Rudy Project presents Rebel, the latest innovation from the Treviso brand in the field of road cycling helmets.

The new product, part of the 2025 Collection, will be worn for the first time by the athletes of the World Tour team Bahrain Victorious at the start of the Tour de France on Saturday, June 29, from Florence.

The Rudy Project Rebel helmet is at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and performance. Designed for the most demanding athletes, it boasts features that elevate it to the pinnacle of head protection products and significantly enhance cyclists’ performance.

Designed with 22 ventilation holes, Rebel ensures exceptional airflow to keep the athlete’s head optimally ventilated even in the hottest and muggiest weather conditions.

The use of carbon inserts, a distinctive feature of the new helmet, has allowed for the reduction of the thickness of the internal polystyrene shell while maintaining excellent product robustness. This strategic use of materials also results in an extraordinarily light and resistant helmet: the S/M size, in particular, weighs only 250 grams, setting a new benchmark in safe and lightweight helmets.

Rebel introduces the new Ergo divider that offers unparalleled facial comfort; it is complemented by the Fidlock magnetic closure. This ingenious mechanism simplifies the helmet fastening and release process, allowing athletes to focus entirely on their performance.


The RS Micro 11 rear adjustment system is extremely sensitive and micrometric, ensuring a snug and secure fit, significantly improving comfort and safety levels. The special perforated front spoiler called the Airframe Band, placed just below the helmet frame, offers optimized airflow, improving head thermoregulation during physical exertion. The “Bugstop” net, designed to prevent insect entry, and the removable pads for greater ventilation complete the picture.

In line with Rudy Project’s commitment to sustainability, the Rebel shell is made of recycled polycarbonate, with straps and padding also made of recycled materials. This commitment ensures maximum performance while respecting the environment.

Rebel complies with CE/EN 1078 standards and has passed the rigorous RP Rotational Impact Test: it offers unparalleled protection, safeguarding the cyclist’s head from both direct and rotational impacts. In the version certified for the American market, the helmet also brilliantly passed the Virginia Tech impact tests (5 stars out of 5).

Available in two sizes (S/M and L) to offer the perfect fit for every athlete and offered in three sophisticated colors – comet red, matte white, and matte black – the Rebel is destined to become the preferred choice for athletes seeking excellence without compromise in terms of style, comfort, and protection.

Price starting from 299 euros.

The new helmet will be available for sale starting from the end of September 2024 in the best cycling stores and online.

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