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Sports Tours International partners with pioneering sustainability organisation Earth Runs

Europe’s leading tour operator for runners and cyclists, Sports Tours International, has partnered with pioneering sustainability CIC, Earth Runs, in a bid to promote active lifestyles while protecting the planet.

Earth Runs will become Sport Tours’ sustainability partner with the aim of inspiring thousands of runners and cyclists to make a positive impact on the environment as they train for some of the world’s most prestigious mass-participation sports events.

Sports Tours will fund a month’s membership for every customer that signs up to Earth Run’s ‘1% Club’ – a ground-breaking initiative that sees Earth Runs plant one tree for every day a runner or cyclist is active.

To mark the partnership, Sports Tours has also committed to planting 5,000 trees, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Manchester-based tour operator.

Natasha Haggart, Sports Tours International Director of Marketing and Communications, said:As a Tour Operator we are conscious of our environmental impact and it’s a challenging proposition to mitigate this impact, so it’s imperative we make positive steps in order to minimise our environmental impact and encourage our community to be conscious of their impact too. By working with Earth Runs and their 1% Club initiative we have found a partner that aligns to our purpose and values and can help our active community work towards positive environmental change.”

Earth Runs set up the 1% Club to encourage people to get active in return for planting trees. If 1% of the UK population were active for five days a week, over 11 million trees could be planted a month while cutting the chance of premature death by over 35%.

Every Sports Tours customer signing up to the 1% Club will be provided with a quarterly impact report, outlining how their training is having a positive effect on the environment.

Tash Acres (pictured), Founder of Earth Runs, said: “Every organisation leaves a footprint on the planet, and we all have to adjust our practices, but those organisations that promote the enjoyment of the outdoors have a vested interest in finding solutions that create a positive impact on our planet.  We’re passionate about encouraging people to be active for themselves and the planet, and I’m delighted to be working with Sports Tours – who helps runners and cyclists achieve their challenges every year. There are no easy solutions to the changes we all have to make, but if each of us can do one positive thing every day, like planting a tree, whilst doing the things we love, the resulting sea change will be epic. We’re proud that Sports Tours recognise this and are working with us on their sustainability journey.”

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