HERO Südtirol Dolomites. Credit: Freddy Planinschek

Three races, one goal: Completing The 2024 Hero Series

The 2024 HERO Series calendar is now official. The UCI marathon mountain bike circuit will soar from the peaks of the Dolomites, whiz through the heart of the Black Forest, and finally come to an end along the stunning lakes of the Svitto Canton. Saves the dates: 15 June 2024 for the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites in Italy; 14 July 2024 for the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon in Germany; and, last but not least, 22 September 2024 for the Iron Bike Race in Switzerland.

A unique circuit with a unique prize money of €15,000.

Three races. One dream goal. Time to become a mountain bike hero. Join everyone else on the 2024 HERO Series, an international circuit comprising three races among the most storied and beautiful in the European marathon landscape. Each one as different as they come yet sharing the same values.

The circuit is the brainchild of the HERO Südtirol Dolomites’ Organising Committee, and the now legendary race lends its name to this new event. The dates are set in stone: the circuit will kick off in the stunning Dolomites in Val Gardena during the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites on Saturday, 15 June 2024. Just under a month’s wait before heading to Germany on 14 July 2024 for the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon spanning the famous German forest. The King and Queen of the 2024 HERO Series will be crowned on 22 September 2024 during the BikeSide MTB Festival, the backdrop to the circuit’s third race, the Iron Bike Marathon.

An extreme challenge, a marriage of three UCI races among the most awaited and beloved by mountain bikers looking for that extra challenge, taking place in unique, natural locations.

Gerhard Vanzi, CEO HERO Dolomites, said: “We firmly believe in the HERO Series. We’re overjoyed to be able to present it to everyone who identifies in the event’s values. The 2024 HERO Series is a lot more than just a circuit with three benchmark races in the international mountain biking world. It represents a format where we can share our passion and strong ideals such as our love, respect, and understanding of nature and the natural backdrop against which these three events take place.”

Sustainability takes centre stage – indeed, the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites signed the Sports For Climate Action in 2021. This UN initiative aims to fight the climate crisis by making sports events more sustainable. The events which are part of the UN Action are committed to becoming more sustainable and carbon-free by implementing a series of initiatives, actions, and projects to slash their CO2 emissions. The 2024 HERO Series will also work towards this goal.

These same values and goals are also shared by Britta Schreiber, Manager of the Organising Committee in charge of the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon held in Kirchzarten.

She said: “We’re over the moon to be part of this mega project with two qualified partners, who are very similar to us. The 2024 HERO Series will unite three of the most spectacular and biggest marathon mountain bike races in one circuit – I cannot wait to see the cyclists kicking off from the starting line!”

The 2024 HERO Series will end in September with the Iron Bike Race, part of the BikeSide Festival in Einsiedeln.

Daniel Hensler, President of the Iron Bike Race OC, said: “Launching the 2024 HERO Series is a great idea. We’re proud to be part of this international circuit together with the HERO Südtirol Dolomites and the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon. We’re convinced the races in this circuit will increase its attractiveness thanks to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Europe they take part in.”


The 2024 HERO Series prize money is €15,000, which will be awarded to the first 5 ranked of the four final categories of the Élite athletes (men and women) belonging to a national team affiliated to the UCI, and the non-affiliated “hobby” athletes.

To classify for the final 2024 HERO Series rankings, men (élite and hobby) will have to complete the “long” trails of the three races, amounting to a grand total of 287 km and 11,180 hm. The same rules apply to the women, except for the HERO Südtirol Dolomites, where they’ll compete on the “short” trail, amounting to a total of 261 km and 9,880 hm. Points for the general ranking will be assigned to the first 100 finishers of every race. Visit www.heroworldseries.com to read the rules and regulations and to sign up to the three races of the circuit.


The 2024 HERO Series aims to offer participants the opportunity to discover cultures, history, and traditions of three different countries, so different despite their geographical proximity. The Dolomites, the Black Forest, and the Swiss lakes surrounding Einsiedeln await. Prepare for adrenaline-packed races as well as stunning landscapes and a wealth of traditions comprising local crafts, music, and, of course, cuisine.


The toughest mountain bike marathon in the world, the 14th edition of the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites, which lends its name to the series, will be the first race in the 2024 circuit. Its trails have become iconic (86 km and 5,400 hm and 60 km and 3,200 hm and the brand-new 71 km and 4,100 hm trail) and take place across the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cyclists will cross Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, Val di Fassa, and the Seiser Alm.

For further information visit www.herodolomites.com


Plucked directly out of a fairytale, the landscape of the Black Forest Ultra Bike Marathon is a veritable challenge awaiting only the best of heroes. Boasting 118 kilometres and 3,550 hm, the race features four routes of 43, 54, 71, and 118 kilometres: only the 118-kilometre route is part of the second leg of the 2024 HERO Series. It kicks off in Kirchzarten, reaching the highest peak in the Baden-Württemberg region – the Feldberg mountain, boasting 1,493 metres – and then continue to Menzenschwand via Hofsgrund until cyclists reach the finish line in Kirchzarten. For further information visit www.ultra-bike.de


The Iron Bike Marathon is one of the oldest mountain bike marathons in Europe. It will celebrate its 28th edition in 2024 during the BikeSide Festival. Einsiedeln’s world-famous monastery offers quite a unique sight, as the local abbot blesses the cyclists before they take off. The various routes cross the picturesque Einsiedeln-Alpthal region: to compete on the HERO Series, cyclists will have to choose the 83-km and 3,130 hm track; the other routes, which aren’t valid to qualify for the Series, boast 49 km and 1,800 hm and 34 km and 1,330 hm. For further information visit www.bike-side.ch

For further information visit www.heroworldseries.com

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Header image: HERO Südtirol Dolomites. Credit: Freddy Planinschek

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