Touroll Makes EU debut by introducing powerful, comprehensive E-Bikes

Touroll makes EU debut by introducing powerful E-Bikes

Spring ride begins! Touroll, a dedicated manufacturer and innovator of electric bikes, will have made their debut in the EU market together with its new U1 and J1 series.

Founded by a young man who was determined to unlock the wonders of the great outdoors for his nature-loving father who was too old to ride his bike up the hills, Touroll was born with the mission to inspire everyone to explore the world on two wheels by creating bicycles that would be more effortless and efficient to ride. “Roll with ease, tour in peace! That’s what we strive to let people know”, said Touroll’s founder.

The Robust Off-Road Explorer – U1 Series

The Touroll U1 is a versatile electric mountain bike ready to tackle any terrain in style. Whether you’re hitting the trails or exploring off-road paths, the U1’s robust frame, reliable off-road tires and high-performance components guarantee a smooth and exhilarating ride every time.


  • 29″x2.25″/26″x2.1″ CST off-road tires conquer challenging terrain
  • 21-Speed Shimano gear for more fun
  • E-brake and disc brakes enhance security
  • Powerful brushless motor with 45Nm torque
  • 13Ah battery achieves a 65km range
  • Reliable suspension for more comfort
  • StVZO-certified light for safer street riding
  • Seamless switching among 3 pedal assist levels

The Comprehensive Traveler – J1 Series

The J1 and J1 ST are comprehensive touring bikes, perfect for getting around town and the suburbs with ease. With a range of traveler-oriented features, such as a long-lasting battery and smart LCD with USB charging, the J1 series is a fantastic companion for individuals looking for a relaxing and enjoyable two-wheeled journey.


  • 15.6Ah battery supports a 100km range
  • 7-Speed Shimano gear makes fun riding
  • E-brake and disc brakes for improved security
  • Mighty brushless motor with 45Nm torque
  • 27.5″x2.1″ CST tires for smooth riding
  • Reliable suspension with a lockout
  • Legal riding with StVZO-certified lights
  • Intelligent LCD with USB charging
  • Adjustable stem fits different positions (J1 ST)

New Launch Celebration 

From April 2nd to April 30th, Touroll is launching the new U1 and J1 series with amazing discounts on and partner platforms including Amazon store, Geekbuying, Geekmaxi, Geekmall and For a limited time, the U1 26 is available at €549, the U1 29 at €599, the J1 at €749 and the J1 ST at €799 only.

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